Home of the Goliath tribes who hunt the Sea of Black Ice   The tribes of the Sea of black ice are a mix of goliaths and humans, who maintain a respectful alliance with each other as they war against the frost giants and the Lich King.   The tribes occasionally trade with The Protectorates  and work with the Icerunners Guild as guides.  

The Tribes of Torik

The tribes on the ice do not bury their dead, but use their bodies as bait for hunting.   Semi-domesticated wild predators are kept fed and nearby most tribes for combination of protection and as a food source for the tribe.   Popular Saying: “We light many wells [in the ice]” - similar to “not leaving all eggs in one basket”. When referred to behaviour of a group, it is positive - good planning. It can also refer disparagingly to someone who has divided loyalty, is promiscuous, or is fence sitting or indecisive. “Too many wells lit by that one, and no-one watching.”   Refers to hunting practice on the sea of black ice, where the tribes will make and tend many thin spots in the ice (ice wells), and will drop light stones on cables through to the dark water beneath in order to attract and catch prey. A tribe will need many of these in order to survive, as their prey moves around the under-ice, or the tribe’s overhunting in a specific location depletes their food source.
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