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Mirrorshield Heist

The event that set the scene for much of the current interpersonal conflicts within Omberstad.  The Mirrorshield of Wala had been lost to Lord Akron during the Fall of Tokaru, and remains a strong symbol of hope against his oppressive rule.  The Motu seek it back as it will enable them to fully unite the Motu against the Protectorates..   When Annika Lux was young and still studying at the Tutelage, she and her Motu friend Usohati plotted to steal back the Shield and escape.
  • Annika's best friend Gorias was wary of making trouble against Kustos
  • Annika, Usohati and Gorias snuck into Fort Kustos at night - using secret ways discovered by Usohati
  • Gorias had betrayed them though, and it was a trap
  • The guards ambushed them and killed Usohati as they tried to flee
  • Realising Gorias had betrayed her, Annika used an explosive she had concocted in order to escape, and nearly killed Gorias in doing so
  • Gorias was scarred for life, but was rewarded for his loyalty by Kustos - becoming the First Knife of Kustos.
  • Annika fled into her long exile.


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