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Sporespray is a device and set of chemical compounds that recreate approximations of the pheromones and spores that the fungal creatures of Glimmertown use to communicate.   While Sporespray devices are not able to express anything other than the most basic of phrases - they are used by traders and other visitors to Glimmertown as an integral way to get around and negotiate.   The original device was an invention of Annika Lux while she was travelling and studying with the FungalMinds of the Ferment.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The device itself is a rack about a two feet wide, with a series of canisters beneath it. Turning a series of corresponding dials open and close the canisters in different combinations. When ready, the gases can be released with a trigger which then mixes the various compounds as desired and expels them into the air in a fine mist.   The compounds themselves can be bought from alchemists within Glimmertown, and are traded for vast sums to those further afield.


Using sporesprays can be quite difficult. Mastery of its use is as complex as learning any language, and miscommunication is common. Due to its very nature, as gases and pheromones hang around in the air for some time, miscommunication can be exceedingly hard to cover up, and have commonly been know to cause problems ranging from minor embarrassment to major diplomatic incidents.   Its use is not advised for clandestine operations, and expertise is in high demand in some circles.
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