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Warkudi's Pavilion of Remedy and Repose

The Pavilion sits just above the high-tide mark on the Northern Beach overlooking the chaotic bay of Camp Thrifty. It offers the people of Camp Thrifty healing services - for a price - and woe to those who fail to make payment.   The owner is a short kin, clearly fire touched from somewhere beyond the Shimmerlands, called Warkudi Kinjack. His skin is a dull red, with charcoal markings, and his eyes a deep orange. Warkudi maintains a staff of healers who predominantly perform mundane healing services. However a few magical healers are on hand. A motley collection of faiths are represented - including healers from the Motu, Potion masters from Glimmertown and missionaries of The Trinity from the The Protectorates.

Purpose / Function

On face value, the pavilion is intended to cure the ill and injured. However, the motives of those who work there are purely monetary. Dead bodies are more valuable to them than a cured patient who cannot pay for the service. Every effort is made to keep patients at least in some sort of stasis until they or their benefactors can pay up, but, at some point business is business.  

Healing and mortuary services

Magical healing and resurrection services are available, but at a price - often in gold, but also service or even servitude. If people cannot afford to pay, the life and body of the person being helped can be forfeit. Often, they will demand a service from family members or colleagues for healing, and keep the person in stasis as collateral insurance. For raising dead, the price and services can be even more extreme.   Nothing is wasted in the pursuit of profit.   The Pavilion will collect dead bodies - even those who were never in their care and few questions are asked. They will sell them as cadavers for study to The Academy, as necromantic bodyservents to clients in the Stoneforged Assembly and beyond, or even as food for domesticated beasts.  

Rumours of darker purposes

  Rumours abound that the Pavilion will fail to help people on purpose in order to on-sell their bodies, and that even living patients have be sold into slavery when they failed to pay the price. Some locals claimed to have witnessed secret deals being done near the Morgue Pits, or over the beds of sleeping patients.   There have been other rumours that Warkudi and his minions are swift and brutal in putting down any potential rival healing practitioners in Camp Thrifty. It is said he has gangs of muscle under his employ, and the close ear of The Trusted Few   Most of the locals tend to accept all of this grudgingly, as the cost of receiving the care they often need and a sign of good business practices. But it has given rise to the pavilion's nick-name: 'the Death Tent'.


The main building is a huge pavilion high on the dunes of Northbeach.  The main pavilion itself is a rickety construct of support poles and canvas tenting about 20 metres to a side and which rises to peaks nearly 3 metres above the dunes.    The walls are open to the weather, but most people need to duck to enter.   The gloomy interior is sometimes lit by greasy oil lamps and divided haphazardly by simple screens that can be moved as needed amongst the scattered cots.  This is done mostly to screen off the more gruesome treatments and procedures that must sometimes be performed, or if a well-to-do client has paid for privacy  At any one time, there are 20 cots laid out, but more can be crammed in when the need arises.   Some of the staff make their homes and sleep within the pavillion itself, but most will have their abodes elsewhere in Camp Thrifty.   Behind the main tent is a secure shed, where materials are housed, both magical and mundane.   Beyond the shed, and scattered through the dunes, can be found the Morgue-pits, where bodies of those who could or would not be saved are housed temporarily until put to other uses.


Originally established by an Acolyte of the Trinity from the mainland shortly after the establishment of Camp Thrifty a decade ago. They offered simple healing for small donations to the Church. The demand was high due to the dangerous nature of life on the edge of the Uferbrech Sea.   About 5 years ago, their small operation was was taken over under mysterious circumstances. By all accounts the acolyte simple left to return back to the mainland, and Warkudi Kinjack took over. Warkurdi immediately saw that much profit could be made due to the high demand of healing services amongst the tomb raiders and pirates of Camp Thrifty. Within the first year, he had established the Pavilion and employed a number of freelance healers, magical and mundane to meet that demand.
Camp Thrifty
Warkudi Kinjack
Character | Jun 11, 2022

Owner and proprietor of the Pavilion of Remedy and Repose in Camp Thrifty, Warkudi is a firetouched and descended from the devils that invaded during the Destruction.

Founding Date
70 TA
Alternative Names
Warkudi's, The Pavillion, The Death Tent
Parent Location
The Scribing of Skud Nelson
Prose | Oct 4, 2021

Skud's target had been some nobody merchant from Sudengard. Apparently, he'd done a tricksy on someone important, or at least someone with enough coin that meant Skud knew not to ask any questions.


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