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The Dart

One moment the headland looked as it always did, just a flimsy look-out atop the dunes that no-one never paid no mind to. Then, as soon as spit, a gosdamned tower just sitting there. There was a little 'pop' and a rush of wind or something, like the Destroyer had a fit and threw a dart at us at random. We freaked out a bit there i'm not shamed to admit. Never seen nothing like it. At least not that big.

The sudden appearance

The Dart, as it is referred to, is the mysterious tower that appeared out of nowhere one day about two ears ago on the headland overlooking Camp Thrifty. The owner has never been seen, and no-one from the town has ever been further in than the inner courtyard. There are servants of tower who do emerge to interact with the locals on behalf of the tower's master. They look like Kin, but with strange orange eyes, and a lisping accent that no-one can place.   This would normally be treated with much suspicion, but Camp Thrifty being such a cosmopolitan place, as soon as the servants of the Dart showed their coin, everyone was happy to ignore yet another eccentric local.  

The tower

The Dart is a tall tower, at least three or four stories tall, topped with a metallic dome with spire. There are no visible windows, but a balcony circles the top of the tower just below the dome. It is made of large black stone bricks, and at the base, there is a wide flat roofed structure that houses the inner courtyard.   The courtyard is where deliveries sre dropped off, and no visitor has ever entered the tower itself. By all accounts, the courtyard is well presented, with lush gardens and gazebos which double as temporary storage for the deliveries.  

Trade in antiquities

The servents of the Dart trade gold and other rare metals for food and supplies, and especially for any news or rumours about expeditions into The Uferbrech Gyre, and big money for any artefacts that are retrieved from the ruins beneath the waves.
They eat a lot of food in there. And i mean a LOT. Like enough for an army. Fruit, and seafood mostly. But no veges, which is weird I guess. But it is good for business.

Rumours and myth

  Rumours abound about the true nature of the Dart and its mysterious owner. Many stories tell that it was created by a Devil or Lord of Flame from the Gleaming City, or an Avatar of the Elder Gods, an eccentric bloodmage from Deepmot, or a sinister cult leader. Many believe it is one of the Godlings from before the Destruction returned to oversee the recovery of the ruins of its old home.   Some foolish folk have tried to break into the Dart to illuminate these mysteries. Their bodies are usually delivered later, without explanation, to the Warkudi's Pavilion of Remedy and Repose for processing.
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