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Warkudi Kinjack

Owner and proprietor of the Pavilion of Remedy and Repose in Camp Thrifty, Warkudi is one of the Firetouched, descended from the devils that invaded during the Destruction.   He is one of many indentured servants to the Lords of Fire from the Gleaming City and is under binding contract is to keep his lord in steady supply of slaves. He is finding this increasingly difficult to do while maintaining his relatively free and luxurious lifestyle in Camp Thrifty.   He has been given 10 years to get to a certain quota, and time is running out. He seeks to either offload his 'duties' to others in the form of sub-contracts, or find a safe supply of slaves that won't upset his position in Camp Thrifty.   Warkudi favours written contracts that are magically binding, and is the secret owner of an exceedingly rare bonescribe carved from the femur of an imp. He will attempt to put clauses in contracts that are bound by the power of the devilbone, that offload responsibilities from his own contract with the Lords of Fire to those he deals with.


Warkudi Kinjack


Towards Tasido Diamond


Tasido Diamond


Towards Warkudi Kinjack


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Current Location
Dark charcoal with reddish tint
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red skin with charcoal markings
Short - just over 5 foot.
A bit pudgy


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