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Tasido Diamond

Master of the Fracas Tasido (a.k.a. Diamond, or Diamondmaw)

Tasido was one of the most feared pirates that sailed across The Tangled Fathoms and the Dead-end Drift for two decades before settling down in Camp Thrifty. He is currently the most renowned member of The Trusted Few and unofficial leader of the settlement.   He is an Anarchas, the amphibious people whose civilisation is spread across the top layers of The Tangled Fathoms. Tasido may be unique among his kind as he was also a member of the Flaming Brand and open practitioner of fire magic that he learnt from his time in the Gleaming City.  

Early life

Tasido was born to common kelp farmer parents in the Tangled Fathoms, and spent his childhood railing at the boring normalcy of his life. He would gaze longingly at the surface world, and grew enamoured of the stories told by the people they traded with. The most exciting were the bands of Roving Vintners that would trade with them regularly, and eventually, Tasido fled his home to live a life upon the surface of the world with the Vinters.   The life was fun, carefree and full of wonders, but was short-lived. Only a year in to this life, the Vinter clan Tasido had joined was set upon by pirates. Most of the Vintners were lost defending their ships and their crops. Those that survived, including Tasido, were captured and sold into slavery to agents of the Gleaming City.  


The next stage of Tasido's life was painful, as one accustomed to life beneath the waves was forced into servitude in the heat shimmered halls of the Gleaming City.   Life was hard, and water even harder to come by, but Tasido survived due to the luck of being so unique a slave among the lords of fire. His master looked after him as a prized curiosity, and would keep him on hand and well cared for. He was a party trick to be rolled out to impress his Master's guests, or to regale them with tales of an underwater life.   The master though Tasido a friend, and eventually sponsored his training to became one of the first foreign Disciples of the Flaming Brand while indentured to his master. Throughout all this Tasido kept up a mask of willing servitude, patiently waiting for his chance, while his master, blinded by arrogance, thought him a grateful friend and devout follower.   Tasido even underwent the brutalities of the Feast of Welding, but even that was not enough to change his desire for freedom. He underwnt the transformation of body to become a Klomerati Symbiote, and also the forced lobotomising that forms the most intrusive part of the Feast. Later, however, Tasido was able to heal the mental damages experienced, and reverse the lobotomy. He would keep this a secret as he plotted his revenge against his master.  


Eventually, the Master took Tasido with him on an important trade delegation that the Gleaming City was trying to set up with the Tangled Fathoms. The Master thought he would be a valued pawn in the negotiations, but Tasido saw his chance for freedom. Once back upon the waves of his homeland, he easily and efficiently betrayed his cruel master, using his newly learnt fire magics to destroy the boat around them and undermine the magics that master and others tried to use against him. He sent his master to the bottom of the ocean - snuffing their fire out forever.   With his freedom, Tasido vowed to never be at the whim of another again.    
Not once in his stupid arrogance did he sus that any'd risk a drowning at sea. We was all Disciples of the Flame you see? They thought my old self true and buried and plain forgot what I truly was. Born beneath the waves I was, it was like comin' home for supper.   The ship went up like kindling and he was lookin' at me all dumb and wide-eyed as the waves hissed at his feet. He was snuffed out faster than a bilge. I followed him down into the depths and I looked into his black little kernels as the last of his embers died away.   The last thing ol' master saw was me blowin' bubbles of laughter at him. That bit was good.
- Tasido Diamond, when asked about this life as a slave


His first act was to track down the pirates who had originally destroyed the Vintners and sold him into slavery. This took a few years, but eventually he did. And rather than destroy them completely, he infiltrated them and rose in their ranks, until desposing their captain - and others that stood in his way.   Tasido then spent two decades earning his reputation as one of the most active pirate captains of Dead-end Drift, but also one that never dealt in slavery. He was known for fairness and treating his victims humanely.   It was also during this time, that Tasido had the crystal shards grafted to his teeth, earning him his nickname, Diamond Maw. It is rumoured the crystals are magical, but more likely they were just for show.

Master of the Fracas

Eventually, Tasido tired of the pirate life and settled down at Camp Thrifty, where his reputation quickly saw him take over the role of Master of the Fracas and unofficial leader of the Trusted Few.   The Master of the Fracas is the most important role in Moontide trials, and one which Tasido has sculpted into the closest thing Camp Thrifty has to justice.


Warkudi Kinjack


Towards Tasido Diamond


Tasido Diamond


Towards Warkudi Kinjack


Current Location
Year of Birth
2941 AD 50 Years old
Hairless, but has the thick tentacle-like protrusions and display fins typical of his kind,
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Blue-grey skin, with soft and almost gel-like feel. He has dark purple brands from his time as a slave. They mark him as property of his dead Master's house, and one of the Disciples of the Flaming Brand.
7" tall
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

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