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Hela's Crest

The range of mountains that runs north-south along the Sunside coast of Tokaru is named for the Giant Vulture that was the mythical steed of the Motu hero Aetora.   The mountains start at the Windwheel Pass in the north, and twist their way south to the coast near Talon's Reach. They form an impenetrable barrier between the sun-drenched plains along the coast of the Uferbrech Sea, and the fungal forests and sea of tundra that lives in their long shadow.   On their Shadowside, the mountains are near vertical cliffs of splintered stone, broken into huge jagged steps where the cliff sides have collapsed. A constant cloud of mist and sleet blows in from Shadowside, and where the cliffs allow, deep pack-ice and snowdrifts accumulate around the twisted trunks of cold-adapted conifer trees and within the deep ravines.   On the sunside of the ridge, the snows quickly melt, and cascade down slightly more gradual slopes in waterfalls and a spray that glistens in constant rainbows.   At the crest of the ranges, along the ridge, is the domain of the giant vultures of Tokaru. They nest in vast rookeries on the sunsdde ridges, in nests built of rocks and moss. They raise their young and hunt along both sides of the ranges. The vast herds of Mulettes being their favoured game, but they will not turn their beaks up at waylaying trevallers who find themselves isolated in the widerness.   The largests of the Rookeries lies atop the southern most peaks, and is known as The Eyries of Aetora. It has long been the favoured roost for the Talons of Aetora as a source of the mounts they bond with and ride into battle upon.
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