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A Thrifty Deal

The goblins of Talons Reach are in desperate need of resources - weapons, supplies and food. Storekeeper Kogan will be eager for help in securing trade with potential suppliers, or through other means entirely.   Kogan is hosting two smugglers from Camp Thrifty in the hope of establishing a trade to establish a trade agreement. Kogan doesn't trust Luger Vanderson at all, and so wants some goblin oversight for any deal put in place.   Luger and his partner Kemp Loggerback have recently arrived at the Reach with a small load of sample foods and a few weapons. They promise they can source more, but require payment which the Talons are struggling to find the funds for.     Other sources could be raiding Protectorate farms, traders and outposts further north. The newly opened Mines of Koigua, farms close to Omberstad, or the monthly ships that arrive into port on the high tides.


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