Eyes upon the Reach

A spy from the Protectorates is discovered near Talon's Reach, and our hero's are charged with tracking them down, and bringing them in for questioning so the goblins can learn what Akron laready knows.
  • Th Talons have a strong need for keeping the Reach secret, because they are weakened.  
  • Xilocoth wants to discover what the Protectorates know and what their plans are. 
  The spy is Dex Ulrot, and may have already escaped the party during the encounter on the coast of Tokaru.   She has already tracked them to the Reach, and is observing. Dex is potentially willing to make a secret alliance as part of a much longer plan to get access to the Gyre and undermine Kustos for his mistress Mallazar Kyzen.   If approached and reasoned with, Dex can lead the party to the as yet unknown Protectorate on one of the beaches not far from the Reach.  

Protectorate encampment

If made aware, Xilocoth wants to drive them off without giving away their location.  it is important than none escape, and that the forces at Omberstad do not suspect anything is amiss.    Can they set up a subterfuge of some sort? turn the encampment into a puppet for the Motu? Trick them into leaving or going elsewhere? Drive them off while not revealing that they are goblins?

Cover image: by Ononomad using heroforge


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