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Taktuk Roostwarden

A venerable old goblin woman, nearing 100 yrs, who runs the Roost at Talons Reach and was instrumental in the resistance against the Protectorates

1745 words

Eyes upon the Reach

A spy from the Protectorates is discovered near Talon's Reach, and our hero's are charged with tracking them down, and bringing them in for questioning

275 words

Fever dreams from a blighted mind

Our heroes track down the source of the Fever mound which attacked Talons Reach

2446 words

A Thrifty Deal

The goblins of Talons Reach are in desperate need of resources - weapons, supplies and food. Storekeeper Kogan will be eager for help in securing trade with potential suppliers, or through other means entirely.

253 words


The Shroomkin are the most individualistic of the intelligent fungal lifeforms that live in places such as the Ferment and the Blight.

610 words

Hela's Crest

The range of mountains that runs north-south along the Sunside coast of Tokaru is named after the mythical steed of the Motu hero Aetora.

389 words

Rite of the Hatching

A key rite in the training of all Talons is to steal an egg from The Eyries of Aetora and then successfully raise the vulture themselves through its hatching and maturity.

461 words

Giant vultures of Tokaru

The fierce vultures used by The Talons of Aetora nest across the highest peaks of the Hela's Crest mountains of southern Tokaru.

642 words


331 words


Jundi is a lone Shroomkin, who usually lives within but has become estranged from the Spore Mind Glomero

968 words

Okudi, Tooth of the Devourer

Okudi emerged at the zenith of the Godlings Wars and became the dread champion of Ghul Drazul and herald of the coming Destruction.

787 words


419 words


Of all the Protectorate cities, Sudengard has been most heavily influenced by the cultures and peoples from beyond the Protectorate borders, and has become a centre of multicultural diversity and a hotbed of resistance.

2861 words

Rue du Col

Rue du Col is the first of the Lord Protectors to have been chosen from peoples not descended directly from those who Returned from Refuge. She advocates for free markets, free education, and equal rights for all peoples

1545 words

Blood magic

Very few understand the nature of magic in the world. They chant, or mediate, dance or scribble their complex algorithms. All of it boils down to this: Hunger. It is your hunger made manifest.

2204 words

Drowning at Telela

The most recent and significant loss for the Protectorate forces in their invasion of Uferbrech. Many see it as the turning point in the long and protracted Uferbrech Wars and an end to the slow retreat of the Motu.

1910 words

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