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The Dragonstar Sagas Sci-Fantasy Romance

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Welcome to The Dragonstar Sagas, the home for my sci-fantasy romance novel series. We'll be adventuring in two parallel worlds:  
The Dark Galaxy - wherein Kaesta, Asimov, and Arastoo struggle to survive after The Syntax War. It's a world with high-technology. The crew are planning a heist to save Kaesta's life from a terminal illness, Isolated Sensory Network Dysfunction. We'll learn how the three friends seek escapism through exploring the virtual world they build during their downtime.
Akir - a high-magic fantasy virtual world stored aboard the The Escapist's Fantasy's main computer. As we explore the once-idyllic world of Akir, we'll learn how a recent demonic attack has shaken the people's faith and ravaged nature on a planetary scale. The Oracle and Marcus, The Wizard, struggle to find meaning in a world they're convinced may not be real.


Aboard The Escapist's Fantasy


The Good Folk of Akir


The Villians