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The Oracle

There was a time when The Oracle had a great burning need in his soul to explore his world and contemplate The Cosmos. This was a very strange and unique drive for an Elf. Elves are generally quite happy with their own personal view of history. Elves are extremely long-lived. There are quite a few First Generation Elves like The Oracle still around.  

The Dreamstone Codex

Unlike the Humans and Dwarves, The Elves were generally not impressed with The Dreamstone Codex. Their elders and The Loreweavers keep history alive. The Oracle tracked down one of the copies given to The Elves and was able to bargain for it. He has one of the original 10 gifted to the world of Akir by Arastoo, The Eternal Archivist, himself.   The Oracle became obsessed with the text. He is the only Elf to ever spend thousands of hours trying to understand it. He spent so much time alone reading it that it created an emotional distance between himself and his own people. For this reason, he gave up his life and role in his clan to find answers.  

The Dwarves

After exploring the world of Akir, The Oracle found much in common with The Dwarves - especially those of The Great Valley. They highly revere Arastoo, The Grand Archivist and keeper of The Eternal Library. The Oracle's knowledge about The Dreamstone Codex made him popular with The Archivists especially.  
Ever had a book that you just couldn't put down?
— The Oracle, being sarcastic as usual.

Fate Intervenes

A Simulationist who befriended The Oracle introduced him to the idea of going north to the summits of The Ironpeak Mountains to find Psybloom. He was told that the tea made from the flower's petals would open his mind to greater possibilities and thus he would be able to divine the answers he sought. Many of the Dwarves who drink the infamous Mindburst Tea die or go instantly insane. Perhaps The Oracle survived and handled it so well because he is an Elf.  

A New Power

The Oracle gained The Eternal Insight, a psionic ability allowing him to access the data stored in The Eternal Library. If he is careful with his query, he gets an instant reply with the knowledge he seeks sent directly into his mind. After gaining this new ability, he gave up his previous name. It no longer fit him.  
He chose the moniker himself. That takes some ego.
Marcus, on the topic of The Oracle

A New Home

The Oracle built The Shrine of Insight within easy traveling distance to The Astral Watchtower. He was fascinated by how The Archivists tracked the celestial movements of stars and planets to predict when important prophecies might occur. He spent many hours studying their records to try to understand more about how his reality was created and why time was repeating itself.   Here at the Shrine, he showed off his new talent. His home was welcoming and he was a gregarious host. The Oracle held many parties and kept a lovely garden to entertain on nice days outside. Ever charming and upbeat, he became so popular that people from all over Akir would travel to ask him questions. He became wealthy and famous quickly.  

The Existential Crisis

After studying the creation of his reality too far and glimpsing the truths beyond The Cosmos, The Oracle finally cracked. He has seen many of the prophecies and records and has come to believe that The Demons always win The Serpent and Shadows War, no matter how many iterations of The Dream he looks back upon.   The Oracle questions whether there even is an all-powerful loving goddess watching over The Cosmos. Perhaps The Simulationists are correct and it's run by The Great Machine, a cold and calculating thing with no empathy and incomprehensible motives.   The Oracle slowly withdrew from society. Due to a great malaise, he hardly cares for himself. The gardens are overgrown and there are no parties. It's been so long that he has passed out of memory and has been forgotten by most.  
I'm old enough to remember his name.

New Roommate

Puddlefoot, The Treasure Hunter, has taken up residence at The Shrine. It's only a few days journey from The Shrine to Copperhill. Puddlefoot has been searching the ruins of The Old City under Copperhill for relics but has stumbled upon a sect of The Voidbound Cult operating there.

Although he has been a polite host, it took a while for the Oracle to warm up to Puddlefoot. They are becoming trusted friends. Puddlefoot loves to convince The Oracle to take a trip to The Astral Watchtower together but it isn't often that The Oracle agrees to go.

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Aug 3, 2023 16:48 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

It's really sad to read about how he declined after exploring too much of the knowledge. Poor Oracle. :(

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Aug 7, 2023 10:46 by Melissa

I'm excited to see him leave the house and reengage with the world. :)

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Great article ! I love that the vampire use his name changing as a way to brag about his age, it's realistically funny. It's sad the Oracle felt the need to isolate himself, though. I love it, it's really entertaining and it makes me think an epic book series following main events of his life would be awesome !

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Sarcasm is always fun ! And if you're aware of it, you can more effectively fight against it ! You're very most welcome, it was my pleasure to discover your world