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Ambroze, The Vampire

Ambroze is a first-generation Elf who awakened on The Equitorial Continent. His early life was idyllic, as was that of every first-generation Elf. He is a disloyal vampire nominally forced to work for The Voidbound Cult. He operates out of The Demonheart Vault, a prison hidden under the frozen glaciers of Icewraith Expanse.  

Survivor's Guilt

Ambroze is a survivor of The Nightspawn Incursion. His first-hand experience during the attack was traumatic. As he witnessed many of his closest friends fall under the vicious onslaught of the Goblins, he instinctively fought back. His clan was hit particularly hard because they had little association with The Lightning Dragons who primarily settled on Paradise Plateau.  

Interest in the Occult

At this point in his life, the only magic that Ambroze had any real knowledge of was that Dragons could create fire or lightning. He had never seen such a thing, as the Dragons only needed those powers in their cosmic war at The Void's Edge. There are no sorcerers among the first and second-generation elves, as they had not mingled with The Dragons.   In the midst of the battle to save his clan, Ambroze witnessed something strange. He saw a summoner - a goblin who had been given Dragon Blood to cast ritual magic. Vrrosh, The Summoner, dipped his claws in a stone goblet filled with the volatile, liquid magic. The goblin drew strange symbols onto the ground. A portal formed and horrific shadow demons poured forth.   The moment has been frozen in Ambroze's mind ever since. He knew that if the goblins could do such a thing, perhaps magic was not only meant for Dragons. In the beginning, Ambroze's desire to learn about the occult came forth from the simple fear of another attack during which his abilities would again fall short. He wanted to feel in control.  

Vareena's Lies

Centuries later, Ambroze would meet another Elf obsessed with forbidden, dark magic. Vareena claimed that among the Humans and Dwarves were cultists who had been given great powers by Zalthor, The Demonlord. She promised him that a ritual performed at The Demonheart Vault would give him fantastical abilities but chose not to tell him about the negative aspects of Vampirism.  
You'll have super strength to fend off large foes. Your vision will work in even the darkest of shadows. The darkness will protect you from harm as physical attacks pass through you without effect. You will be glorious in battle.
— Vareena, convincing Ambroze to travel with her


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Oct 25, 2023 21:28 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

He has a great back story. You can definitely see how he was convinced by Vareena's words.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Oct 26, 2023 07:50 by Melissa

Thanks, Emy! Vareena is as dishonest as a demon. I don't feel sorry for her taking The Final Vow. Ambroze, on the other hand, isn't rotten to the core. He actually feels regret for his mistakes.

Oct 27, 2023 01:32 by Ephraïm Boateng

Ambroze has a very dark past and lived through something so traumatic. So, it makes sense that he would resort to such means to acquire magic in order to protect himself. Very cool article!

Oct 27, 2023 12:38 by Melissa

Thanks, Ephraïm! I know he's made some mistakes, but I don't think Ambroze's decisions have been malicious. He's definitely a more sympathetic character than Vareena. :)

Oct 27, 2023 13:20

A very cool character - I can see how he came to the place he is, which isn't always the case with villains. And the art is fantastic!

Oct 27, 2023 13:34 by Melissa

Thanks, Demongrey! I agree with The Loreweavers, the reason why an Elf chooses to do something matters. I'm sure he'll end up as a cautionary tale for younger generations. I love his photo too! <3

Jan 13, 2024 11:53 by Enoris Leinwand

I love this character and I feel sorry and scared for him, as I doubt the "heros" can, and most importantly, will want to, save him from the darkness and the very people who broke his life. I hope he'll get better and I feel so attached to him right now...

Jan 14, 2024 19:45 by Melissa

I have totally fallen for Ambroze too! Fortunately, he is redeemable, unlike Vareena. :)