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Dragons are cosmic warriors. After Kaesta ignited the stars of The Cosmos to push back the Shadow Demons, she created The Dragons. She spoke to them and her voice carried their purpose. They were to defend the worlds within the light to allow life to flourish. Thus began the never-ending war between good and evil, The Serpent and Shadows War.  

The Early Era

For centuries the Dragons battled the Demons alone, pushing the demons back into the darkness beyond The Void's Edge. There was nothing but bloodshed, claws, teeth, fire, and lightning for The Dragons to look forward to. The war was all-consuming.   The first peoples to appear on the world of Akir were The Elves. They were a happy, beautiful, and innocent people. They lived in semi-nomadic clans in harmony with their world. While The First Generation of Elves enjoyed the protection given to them by the Dragons, their defenders were exhausted and weary.  

Kaesta's Gift

Distraught at the conditions that her warriors were facing, Kaesta gave the Dragons the power to transform into Elves while resting planetside. She increased their numbers, allowing the Dragons more time to recover between battles. The Dragons and Elves quickly integrated, finding companionship and joining their cultures.  

The War Hits Home

When Zalthor, The Demonlord, created the Goblins, The Elves and Dragons were caught off guard. The surprise attack became known as The Nightspawn Incursion. Together, the Dragons and a few brave Elves retaliated, decimating the Goblins.

In a controversial decision, some of the Elves were trained by the Dragons to become warriors. United, they formed The Defenders of Akir. The wary survivors of The Nightshade Insurrection prepared for future demonic attacks.  

Smoke and Thunder

The Dragons of Akir come in two varieties, Fire and Lightning. The Lightning Clans were formed when The Lightning Dragons settled The Equitorial Continent. The Fire Clans spread across The Polar Continent instead. Both sister cultures share a common language but two divergent dialects. The current Elvish language is a complex amalgamation of Early Era Elvish and Draconic.  

Sorcerous Offspring

The children of two Dragons are always Dragons. However, the children with a Draconic parent and an Elf are not True Dragons. Such progeny of mixed heritage cannot take Draconic form. These Elves are Sorcerers. They have the innate power to wield magic. Most Sorcerers gain abilities related to their draconic parent's abilities but aberrant powers do occassionally arise.  

Stolen Magic

The use of Dragon Blood to power vile rituals and blood sorcery is taboo among all civilized societies. Members of The Voidbound Cult utilize dragon blood for summoning Lesser Demons, opening portals, and creating Vampires.

Cover image: A Fire Dragon by Midjourney


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Very cool article! The dragons in my setting don't have an one yet, but after reading this, i'm getting pretty inspired to finally write it and Its been long overdue! Also, great choice of cover image. You dont wanna mess with that guy

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Thanks, Ephraïm! It took a lot of attempts with Midjourney to get decent-looking dragons. I'm glad the final result turned out well. Can't wait to see the spin you put on your own Dragons. <3

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