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The Goblins were created by Zalthor, a powerful Demonlord. The sudden appearance of the tiny, fervent disciples of the shadow demons caused great havoc on the world of Akir. Zalthor promised that the Goblins would control the world for themselves but they would have to take it from the Elves by force. He gifted the goblins handheld Magic Mirrors  to communicate and coordinate their surprise attacks against the clans of Elves. The surprise war later came to be known as The Nightspawn Incursion.  

The First Summoners

Goblins were the first to master the ritualistic use of blood sorcery to open portals to allow demons from The Void's Edge to instantly travel to Akir. The Light of The Dragonstar would kill a demon long before arriving on a world within The Inner System but portals allow the Demons to arrive instantaneously. The Goblins would perform these rituals under cover of night, in subterranean spaces and anywhere else protected from The Light. Opening such portals requires the blood of a Dragon or a descendant of a Dragon with enough sorcery in their veins to power the ritual.  


The Goblin race left behind a rather toxic gift, their mirrors. Centuries later Men and Dwarves studied the mirrors to create their own more powerful magic mirrors. This led to the corruption of both Men and Dwarves who fell to worshipping demons. The tradition has fallen out of practice after The Mirrorshade Insurrection.   The Voidbound Cult was formed by those corrupted by Demons through the magic scrying mirrors. Mirror Shrouding was a common habit held by those who feared Demons but still want to use Magic Mirrors.  


After years of conflict, the Elves finally wiped out the Goblins. Other than the first magic mirrors, the Goblins left no physical evidence of their presence to stand through the ages. They built no structures and left nothing of cultural significance behind. The histories told by The Loreweavers about The Nightspawn Incursion kept the Elves from ever being tempted by magic mirror use.    
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Jul 19, 2023 23:04 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

It's kind of sad that they left no trace behind than the mirrors, even though they weren't exactly a good people. I suppose the mirrors are legacy enough. O.O

Jul 21, 2023 15:13 by Melissa

I like that there was basically an after-effect echo of their presence. Hundreds of years after their brief appearance on Akir, Goblins affected two races who didn't even exist during The Nightspawn Incursion. :)