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The Serpent and Shadows War

The Serpent and Shadows War is an endless war that rages throughout the ages within nearly every star system in The Cosmos. Demons are the proto-beings formed by The Dreamer's subconscious during the earliest moments of The Dream - before she gained lucidity. It was an unknown amount of time later that she ignited the stars and created Dragons to combat the Demons.   The pure hatred the Demons feel for all other life within The Dream is fueled by their desire to return to a time before anything other than themselves existed. They want to destroy The Cosmos that The Dreamer creates without actually waking her up thereby ending the Current Iteration. Demons of The Void drastically outnumber their opponents but Dragons do have powerful magic.  

The Local Warfront

  The Inner System - Demons are incinerated within The Dragonstar's Light and cannot survive The Inner System for long. Akir had been considered a 'safe' world, too far from The Void's Edge for Demons to attack en masse.   The Border Worlds - The worlds farther from The Dragonstar are prone to attacks from Demons during the night and during eclipses. Caves and underground spaces are also dangerous. Illumination magic is highly prized by those out on these worlds.   The Void's Edge - Few people chose to settle on The Void's Edge. Cultist temples and portals lie hidden among the inhospitable, frozen worlds that are often bereft of life. These places are teeming with shadow demons. It is said that there is no counting the demons that inhabit the voids between stars.  

Previous Attacks

It has been many centuries since Zalthor created the Goblins to cause The Nightspawn Incursion. More recently, Magic Mirrors caused The Mirrorshade Insurrection, bringing the war to Men and Dwarves.  

The Fall of Kyranos, The True Dragon

Zalthor, a Demonlord from The Void's Edge lured several Dragons into an ambush. The people of Akir have no way of knowing that their protector, Kyranos, had recently fallen in a major battle at The Void's Edge. His Dragon Blood was harnessed to make Dragon Bloodstones. The explosive magic made from his suffering helped to destroy Akir, his homeworld - the one place he wanted to protect the most.  

The Ashen Eclipse & The Infernal Deluge

A series of global catastrophes began on the world of Akir when Vareena, a powerful Warlock, opened a portal in the night sky during a prophesized eclipse at Zalthor's command. Three dense rocks from The Void's Edge directly into Akir's atmosphere at high speed. Each of the rocky omens bore a heavy payload of the collected bloodstones to ensure additional destruction.   The skies burned as the meteors struck. After the great conflagration that followed, the ashy skies rained in a torrent that did not cease for nearly a year. There is almost no sunlight and the moon is all but gone from the night's sky. The Flood has been catastrophic, destroying most of civilization. Sea levels have risen to a point that the geography is hardly recognizable.


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