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The Cosmos

Among the peoples of The Cosmos, there are three prevailing viewpoints about reality, however, they have much in common. All three agree on a few undisputable premises:
  Reality is repeating itself. Once reality comes into being, it exists for a few thousand years before it ceases to exist. The process repeats. Prophecies are often quite accurate in this reality as most events occur in the same manner as they happened during previous iterations of reality. Prophetic dreams are taken seriously by everyone.
  The Fateless are extremely rare. These individuals without a Set Fate are spread across space and time. Their actions can greatly affect how the current iteration of reality plays out.
  None of this is real. Whether a person believes this is all a Dream or a Computer Simulation, the fact that this is not reality is a fact of life. People must come to terms with this.  

The Dreamer Religion

  • Those that worship Kaesta, The Dreamer, believe that she exists somewhere in a higher reality.
  • When she falls asleep, her dream spawns everything in The Cosmos. Many of those that follow The Dreamer Religion, do not call their reality The Cosmos, but instead refer to it as The Dream.
  • Demons are the dark and uncontrolled thoughts at the back of her subconscious mind. They arrive almost as soon as The Dream begins.
  • Once Kaesta gains lucidity, she ignites the stars. She uses Arcaic, a magical language, to shape reality despite the chaos caused by her inner demons.
  • After an extraordinary span of time, The Dreamer awakens within her reality and The Dream ends.
  • This reality does not exist while she is awake.
  • Kaesta is trying to improve The Dream every night. Perhaps one day The Demons will be destroyed and all will be a paradise.
  • The Fateless who follow her path will help to improve life for all of the peoples in all of the worlds within The Dream.

The Shadow Demons

  • The Shadow Demons absolutely believe in the existence of The Dreamer.
  • They wish to rule over this reality in her sted. They prefer the dark and chaotic Void at the start of The Dream.
  • The Shadow Demons wish to thwart Kaesta's efforts.
  • They believe that if they can cause her to lose hope of improving The Dream, she may not bother to gain Lucidity at all.
  • The Fateless who serve Demons undermine The Dreamer. Their actions cause harm and despair.

The Simulationists

  • Those who have peered beyond their reality come to realize that The Cosmos is an infinite amount of code and data - far too much for a single mind to house.
  • Arcaic is a special language used by The Great Machine to construct reality.
  • The Great Machine launches a Program. This is the start of time.
  • The program runs for an extraordinary span of time and then the program ends.
  • Nothing in this reality exists when the program is not running.
  • Demons are a feature, not a bug. They are written into the program. They have a part to play.
  • The Great Machine constructs this world to test The Fateless.
  • It is impossible to comprehend the motivations of The Great Machine.
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Cover image: The Dream Header by Midjourney
  • The Start of a new iteration of The Dream
    Kaesta falls asleep and The Dream begins.
    Religious event

    Those that follow The Dreamer Religion believe that Kaesta is a creator goddess who lives in a higher level of reality. Every night her dreams form The Cosmos.


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