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The Dreamstone Codex

Legend has it that Arastoo, The Eternal Archivist created ten copies for each of the ten worlds, one hundred Dreamstone Codices in total. Each is a remarkably clear Cognizite Crystal carved to resemble a Dragon Egg. The great religious text stored within details the creation of The Dream and the earliest history of The Serpent and Shadows War. The Dreamstone Codex has been hand-copied into books and eventually printed many times over. It is the most copied book in The Dragonstar System and is the basis for The Common Language.  

The Elvish Codices

In early history, the Elves were in possession of several copies of The Dreamstone Codex but they never found the need to keep their own records. They believe that if Arastoo is doing his job, they need not bother. Instead, the stories within The Dreamstone Codex are passed along with other oral histories and traditions among the Elves. Few Elves have learned to write and fewer still have actually touched a Dreamstone Codex.   Most Elves learn about The Dream from their clan's Loreweaver or by attending The Loreweavers Festival. Though many Elves learn to speak The Common Language, their culture predates the arrival of The Dreamstone Codices and they have their own, older language.   Elves are extremely long-lived if they do not meet a violent end. They rarely succumb to sickness and do not die of old age. There are many first and second-generation Elves still around. History is not forgotten. The Elders and The Loreweavers ensure that history lives on.   The Oracle is an exception. His obsession with The Dreamstone Codex drove a wedge between himself and his clan. The Oracle has his own original copy of The Codex at his home, The Shrine of Insight.  

The Dwarven Codices

The copies of The Dreamstone Codex discovered by Dwarves greatly influenced their culture. Record keeping and the use of Cognizite Crystal are an important part of daily life among the Dwarves. A great reverence for Arastoo and The Eternal Library is pervasive among the Dwarves. There is a Cognizite Crystal copy of The Dreamstone Codex at The Astral Watchtower.   Most Dwarven homes have at least one copy of The Dreamstone Codex. It's not uncommon for a Dwarf to add marginalia to fill in the empty spaces available on the pages with additional notes, definitions, or opinions on the content of the Codex.  

The Human Codices

The copies discovered by the various Humans of Akir lead to their study of Arcaic Magic, a form of magic utilizing the words The Dreamer herself used to create The Cosmos. By learning a few words and phrases of Arcaic, Human Wizards have learned to cast spells. The Humans from the equatorial continent have had an enlightenment period, advancing their magical prowess greatly. They view magic spells as a gift from The Dreamer.


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Jul 20, 2023 13:02 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really like how the different cultures view the codices. :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jul 21, 2023 16:17 by Melissa

Of course, Humans are the ones who try to use it to bend the rules of reality. :)

Jul 21, 2023 16:35 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Typical humans :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Aug 10, 2023 19:27

I can only agree with Emily, this is a very cool way of exploring how different cultures interact with the past. I think it is very apt (and telling for them) that humans of course seek their own advantage out of the situation, while the two different approaches for Elves and Dwarves flesh out their otherness compared to the human perspective very well!

Yours truly, Nino.
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Aug 12, 2023 18:26 by Melissa

Thank you, Ninodonlord! I am hoping this will also highlight how strange The Oracle is too. He's the only Elf to buck the trend and obsess about the codex. There's always an exception! When Summer Camp is over and I'm allowed to edit the article, I'll add a section about him with a link to his article block at the bottom to add him to the Codex conversation. :D