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Cognizite Crystal

Hidden deep beneath the mountains in the ancient lava tubes of the long-dead super volcano, a wonderous treasure waits for brave Dwarves to mine. Cognizite Crystals are high-quality, nearly transparent crystals pure enough to hold important data for nearly an eternity.  

Color Is Only Aesthetic

Cognizite Crystals come in a myriad of nearly transparent colors. The hue of a particular crystal doesn't affect its data storage properties. The clarity and the harmonious resonance of the stone are the most important factors for determining the quality of a crystal.  

Dangerous Extraction

The dangers of Cognizite mining cannot be overstated. The constant threat of tunnel collapse, the use of explosives, dependence on Contraptions for light sources, and the caldera's stored magma make collecting precious Cognizite Crystals a hazardous profession.  

High Demand

Archivists, business owners, and governments all depend on good record-keeping. With the expense and difficulty Cognizite Mining entails, most books and files are still kept on paper. Only documents worth preserving through the ages warrant using Cognizite.  

No Editing Allowed

The data stored in Cognizite is permanently preserved unless the crystal itself is destroyed. The drawback of this property of the crystals is that information stored within cannot be edited for corrections and there is no way to update a crystal's content with new information.   Perfectly transcribing long and detailed books into Cognizite is a stressful and physically strenuous endeavor. Once a mistake is made, it's there forever.  

Holy Medium

Dwarves believe that Cognizite is a gift from The Dreamer made useful by the teachings of Arastoo, The Eternal Archivist. Almost all of Arastoo's collected works are stored in Cognizite. The Eternal Library and The Amethyst Citadel that protects it is holy ground for Dwarves. Nearly every Dwarf family builds their own replica of The Eternal Library in their home.   The Archivists at The Astral Watchtower have one of the original ten Cognizite Crystal copies of The Dreamstone Codex gifted to the world of Akir by Arastoo.

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