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The Eternal Library

At the start of time, before creating The Cosmos, The Dreamer creates The Eternal Library to house the records for each iteration of The Dream. Kaesta builds The Eternal Library with many windows, books, scrolls, crystal tablets, and pieces of priceless artwork. The furnishings are opulent and meticulously organized. Arastoo, The Eternal Archivist literally has all of the time in the world to keep house.   The Library is housed within the Amethyst Citadel, which exists within a pocket dimension. The bottomless dark ocean surrounding its base extends in all horizons and the storms therein are a constant barrage against the crystalline exterior walls. The sky is an ever-changing cosmic view of the worlds and stars within The Dream. Each day a different star system appears overhead. The amethyst walls can be made transparent to give an uninterrupted view or darkened to block all light.  

Dwarven Holy Site

The Eternal Library is spoken of in terms of reverence. The Dwarves regard Arastoo quite highly as they believe their own Cognizite Crystal record-keeping techniques were given to them by The Eternal Archivist. In Dwarven society, government and home libraries are designed according to how they imagine The Eternal Library might appear. Many Dwarves consider Arastoo to be a god and worship him as such.  
Arastoo only knows.
— a common Dwarven idiom.

Arastoo, The Eternal Archivist

Charged with maintaining impartial records, Arastoo's duties as The Eternal Archivist consume his existence. Separated from the reality that he studies, contact between The Grand Archivist and the peoples of The Dream is quite rare. Arastoo himself was purpose-built and thus he finds great satisfaction in his work.   Arastoo has an innate curiosity, especially in regard to The Fateless for whom the future is not set. He watches them with great interest. Although he is aware that The Dream resets and each iteration is different, he chooses to focus his efforts on recording events of the current iteration.  

The Eternal Insight

This psionic ability is unlocked by drinking an often lethal tea made from the flower of the Psybloom. If the drinker does not die or go mad, they gain mental access to the information stored in The Eternal Library. The Oracle at The Shrine of Insight has unlocked The Eternal Insight.  

The Simulationist Viewpoint

The Eternal Library is contained with The Great Machine. Arastoo is nothing more than a subprogram acting as the database administrator.  
The Oracle doesn't believe I'm real. He thinks that I am just lines of code.
— Arastoo

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Because of the connection between the Dwarves and Arastoo, I decided to change him to be a Dwarf himself.