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These beautiful and fragrant flowers are a common sight atop The Ironfang Mountains at the highest elevations. Pysblooms are perfect, complete flowers with a stamen, pistil, petals, and sepals. A Psybloom plant creates an inflorescence of florets, up to a dozen flowers per plant.  

Nutritional Powerhouse

Psybloom seeds are very important to the mountain ecosystem. The Psybloom's seed is a super food and the preferred diet of the Snow Wren. The pair have a symbiotic relationship with the small birds spreading the plants' seeds and helping with germination. Superstition holds that the Snow Wrens favorite snack powers the magic behind its Sunrise Song of Healing.   The seeds can be crushed to create a high-quality oil. The remaining oilseed meal is protein-rich, high in fiber, and nutrient-dense. The small seed size, inconvenient summit top location, and the inability to grow the plant elsewhere have prevented any commercial use.  

Romantic Implications

Unlike true love, the Psybloom's flower fades quickly after being harvested. Young Dwarves often return from their first expedition, a Summitstrider Hunt, with a few Psyblooms to gift the Dwarven woman they are courting or wish to court. These flowers are often pressed dry and preserved in a keepsake if the young lady reciprocates.  

Mindburst Tea

The psychic powers known as Eternal Insight are only unlocked through drinking a sometimes lethal and often maddening beverage, Mindburst Tea. A power-hungry individual may take the ultimate risk and consume a tea brewed from the Psybloom's flowers. Existential crises abound for the people foolish enough to drink this tea.  
They say it's like living in a world with a broken fourth wall.
— Alikaine Loreweaver on the topic of Mindburst Tea.
  Those who survive the tea and are coherent enough to explain the experience claim to have seen the world around them dissolve into a complex and ever-scrolling infinity of incomprehensible Arcaic. They become lost in a stream of data. These visions of a world run by a complex machine instead of a deity's sleeping mind are considered heretical and insane by most Akirans. The Oracle struggles against a terrible malaise brought on by his experiences after drinking Mindburst Tea. He almost never leaves his home, The Shrine of Insight.   One-trip only - Once the mind has perceived a reality beyond The Dream, the door to Eternal Insight is unlocked. The experience cannot be duplicated - consuming the tea a second time does nothing. The tea is not an addictive substance.    
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