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The Void's Edge

The cold, dark and inhospitable worlds at the edge of The Dragonstar System are mostly unexplored and uninhabitated. Many are totally bereft of life. There are few settlements out this far. The Void's Edge teems with shadow demons who thrive far from the light of The Dragonstar.    

The Neighboring Darkness

It is said that the demons who dwell in the black void between star systems are innumerable. Travel between systems for mortal beings is impossible. Demons are their most powerful within the void.

Cover image: The Void's Edge by Midjourney


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Oct 28, 2023 20:05

Ooh, I wouldn't want to stray too close to this place. The pictures you have added to this art are gorgeous and definitely portray the eerieness of this place.

Oct 29, 2023 14:26 by Melissa

Thank you! Even The Dragons don't go way out here for battle often. There's not much worth capturing, it's so desolate. Cold, dark and full of demons.