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Kyranos, The Fallen

Kyranos was a first-generation Dragon created to protect the world of Akir by The Dreamer herself. She told each of them to protect their homeworlds from Demons so that life could flourish. First Generation Dragons are the only living beings to have actually heard Kaesta's voice directly.  

The Protectors of Akir

Under the Dragon's watch, the first and second generations of Elves enjoyed an idyllic life. The perfect happiness of those early years infuriated Zalthor, The Demonlord. Zalthor created Goblins in a violent surprise attack later known as The Nightspawn Incursion.

In the aftermath, the dragons of Akir chose to train and arm Elves who wished to help defend their peoples in the event of another attack. Kyranos was greatly opposed to the idea, believing that the Elves should remain innocent and free from violence, as the Dreamer had made them.

When asked to lead The Protectors of Akir, Kyranos declined. He chose to focus his efforts on leading the interplanetary war against the demons. Despite his initial opposition to the creation of The Protectors of Akir, Kyranos often worked with the Elves and included them in his strategies for home defense.  
We were made to war. The Elves were made to love.
— Kyranos

Love Triangle

Unlike many of the Dragons who took their respite among the Elves, Kyranos had no interest in mingling with the Elves romantically. He rested as seldom as possible, always eager to return to the war. His planetside life was simple and much of his time on Akir was spent strategizing with the other Dragons and training with The Protectors of Akir.

Although Kyranos began to feel at home during his planetside downtime, he was blindsided when a beautiful Elven maiden confessed she had developed feelings for him. Vareena was a skilled warrior and valuable member of The Protectors of Akir. She had long looked up to Kyranos and became obsessed with idea of being with him. These feelings were completely unrequited as Kyranos had always found Vareena to be shallow, dishonest and selfish. He sensed her cruel nature by instinct and rejected her outright.

Fate would have it that Kyranos would fall madly in love only two centuries later to Vareena's younger sister, Vallencia. The anger and jealosy that burned in her heart led to Vareena's downfall. She joined The Voidbound Cult and chose to complete the Voidbond ritual to become Zalthor's servant.  

Beloved Husband and Father

After a particularly deadly battle to protect a border world, a gravely injured Kyranos returned to Akir to recover. Vallencia was a skilled healer blessed by The Dreamer with curing magics. She nutured him back to health. Kyranos became enamoured with her selfless, empathetic and modest demeanor.

Vallencia's kindness and warmth won him over. Finally Kyranos felt in his heart that he belonged with the Elves, and with Vallencia in particular. He began to look forward to his time on Akir. It took the brave cosmic warrior decades to work up the courage to propose to her.

Kyranos and Vallencia were blessed to have one child together, Ember. Kyranos was a wonderful protector and provider. Ember had a happy childhood and grew up being proud of her father. Ember, The Half-Dragon, takes after her father and has fire-based sorcerous powers.  

The Fall of Kyranos

Vareena, The Warlock, conspired with Zalthor to betray The Dragons. She gave her demonlord the information he needed to lay a trap for the Dragons. The ambush at The Void's Edge was so successful, few survivors from the battle returned to Akir to report the loss. Vareena had expected Kyranos to survive the battle and return to Akir under Zalthor's control.

Deals with Demons never work out. The words of Zalthor's deal with Vareena had been twisted, and the Dragon Blood of Kyranos was returned to Akir as a weapon of mass destruction. The bloodstones were sent aboard three rocks flung from The Void's Edge, through Vareena's portal. This began The Ashen Eclipse and The Infernal Deluge, the global catastrophe affecting all of Akir.


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Oct 17, 2023 03:17 by Enoris Leinwand

I feel so sad for Ember, I hope we'll hear about her later <3 Seriously though this article is great ! I loved reading it and I'm looking forward to the next reading spot on my timetable to get back to your spooktober entires. I like your work a lot and I love how I understand more and more about your world as I read.

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Things are pretty terrible for Ember. Her Father died a year ago. The attack on Akir landed while she was away with Alikaine for a Loreweaver's Festival. She's lost contact with her mother, Vallencia. Ambroze hunted her down. Now she's her aunt's favorite prisoner at The Demonheart Vault.   Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying my Spooktober articles. My world's a little quirky, so it's nice to hear. I'm hoping that by trying to stick to articles related to the main story the setting is starting to feel interconnected.   Life's a real bummer sometimes, so I have been hiding out in my fantasies lately. Your comments made my morning better. <3