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The Nightspawn Incursion

At the beginning of each iteration of The Dream, The Shadow Demons sprang forth from the dark recesses of The Dreamer's subconscious mind. The demons were innumerable and omnipresent. For the demons, this was a perfect time. There was nothing but the dark Void and themselves. When The Dreamer ignited the stars of The Cosmos and created The Dragons, many demons died. They were either burned in the powerful light of the stars or were destroyed in cosmic combat.   Zalthor, a powerful Demonlord, overheard The Arcaic words The Dreamer used to bring forth The Dragons. After a thousand years of war, he was powerless to stop life from forming among the worlds in The Dragonstar System. Zalthor was confined to The Void's Edge and his forces could never fully conquer The Border Worlds.   Zalthor had a particular hatred for the first people to appear on the world of Akir, The Elves. They were an innocent people, free of malice. The Elves had never known violence thanks to the protection they received from the Dragons dedicated to their star. For Zalthor, The Elves represented everything that the demons had lost when the stars ignited. He hated them. He hated that they were out of reach most of all. It was a vexing problem until he came up with a plan.  
If Kaesta can create life on the many worlds spinning around the stars, I can create my own on this one insignificant planet. Who is to stop me?
— Zalthor

Zalthor Mocks The Power of Creation

Using his stolen knowledge of Arcaic, Zalthor created The Goblins. Each Goblin carried in his heart the bitterness of Zalthor. He gifted each of them a small Magic Mirror and the power of Telepathy to coordinate their attacks. Zalthor also gave hardwon Dragon Blood to The Summoners, who used portals to bring Lesser Demons from The Void's Edge to the fight.   The swift and sudden appearance of Goblins on Akir caught The Elves completely off guard. The Dragons who were taking rest on Akir quickly came to the defense of The Elves. A few brave Elves fought back as well. They picked up their hunting bows and turned them on The Goblins.  

Zalthor's Victory

Many Elves died during The Nightspawn Incursion but very few Goblins survived. Despite the near-total loss of his forces, Zalthor considered the attack a great success. His highest goal is always to bring misery and dispair to The Dreamer. The Elves mourned both their dead and the loss of their innocence. Their culture and way of life were forever changed.


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