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Lesser Demons

Lesser Demons are involuntary servants of the Demonlords spread throughout The Cosmos. Ordinarily they are weak on the planet of Akir, but The Ashen Eclipse and The Infernal Deluge has dimmed the light of The Dragonstar.    

Incorporeal Lesser Demons

Demons that have arrived through a portal or direct summoning have no physical form. They must hide from The Dawnstar's Light or be burned from existence. Shadow Demons shelter in subterranean spaces, like the The Demonheart Vault or in the ruins of The Old City under Copperhill.  

Animal Form

Some Lesser Demons are summoned to Akir in a ritual that allows them to take on the form of a physical animal. Crows, Grim Dogs, Black Cats and Snakes are the most common forms. Physical bodies allow the Lesser Demons to survive in sunlight.

Cover image: Lesser Demon by Midjourney


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