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The Demonheart Vault

The Voidbound Cult built this prison deep beneath the glaciers of Icewraith Expanse, hidden from The Dragonstar's Light.  

The Warden

Vrrosh, the last of the Goblins, controls the prison. He is in direct contact with Zalthor, The Demonlord, through his own personal Magic Mirror and the oversized mirror in the throne room. With his telepathic abilities, Vrrosh does not require the use of Mirrorsign to communicate through Magic Mirrors.    

The Prisoners

The prisoners who have been held at The Demonheart Vault the longest are Men and Dwarves. They were taken from The Great Valley after being captured by The Voidbound Cult. A large influx of Elves has arrived recently. They were rounded up after an attack on a nearby Loreweavers Festival. Alikaine Loreweaver and Ember, The Half-Dragon, are among them.  

The Guards

The Prisoners are kept in line by both members of The Voidbound Cult serving as jailers and Lesser Demons from Zalthor's Legions. Spite, The Demon Dog, is one of the lesser demons who frequent The Demonheart Vault.  

The Flow of Blood

Vareena, The Warlock, has been killing her Elven prisoners during failed attempts to give them Vampirism. She is new to ritual sacrifice and therefore not as skilled at timing the final blow as her more experienced counterparts. After a botched attempt, the lifeless corpse is sent to the vampires. Not a drop is wasted. Ambroze was her first success.

Unfortunately for Ember, her Dragon Blood is fueling the higher-level rituals being performed at The Demonheart Vault. As Vareena's niece, Ember spends her time in the upper levels of the prison, separate from the general population. Vareena keeps her close because she enjoys the emotional torment she can wreak upon the girl. Vareena draws Ember's blood herself, the highlight of the cruel warlock's week.

Cover image: Longtime Prisoners by Midjourney


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