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Marcus, The Wizard

Let's turn this around. What hasn't been tried before? What could we do that might make an unexpected difference? Think of a catalyst toward an uncertain future with the possibility of success.
— Marcus, brainstorming with The Oracle.
  Marcus is a man of destiny, he just doesn't know it. As a Fateless, his future is not set in stone. His actions may greatly affect the outcome of The Serpent and Shadows War.   It was only a few months ago that most of Akir was flooded with the aftermath of a demonic attack known as The Ashen Eclipse & The Infernal Deluge. After the latest round of cataclysmic flooding submerged his homeland, Marcus has been adrift at sea aboard his magically summoned Skiff. Marcus is grateful to make landfall at The Boreal Forest at the foot of The Ironpeak Mountains.  

Far from Home

Hailing from the warmer, Equitorial Continent, Marcus finds himself surrounded by Dwarves, Pixies, Gnomes, and the unfamiliar clans of Elves protected by Fire Dragons. Almost everything Marcus encounters during his travels is strange and alien to him. One of his greatest traits is the ability to make fast friends. Both Rastus, The Explorer and The Oracle join him on a quest to save Ember from Vareena, The Warlock.  


The dialect of The Elvish Language that Marcus learned was more heavily influenced by The Lightning Dragons of The Equitorial Continent. The dialect of The Fire Dragon Clans is similar enough that Marcus can understand most of the Elvish spoken around him, much to Ambroze's chagrin.  

Arcaic Spell Caster

After studying The Dreamstone Codex, Marcus found himself to be quite adept at casting spells. The pronunciations came easier to him than most of his peers. He quickly earned an apprenticeship in magical studies and a sponsor for his continued education. Life was going great for Marcus. He had a bright future until the demonic attack.  

Chivalry in Dark Times

Marcus wasn't just raised to be polite and erudite in conversation. He was taught to be a stalwart protector of those around him and especially to anyone weaker than himself. He can't help but get involved with The Prank War once Rastus drags him into it. He feels compelled to help the Dwarves of The Great Valley survive a famine.   When Marcus learns about the conditions of Ember's imprisonment and eventual fate at The Demonheart Vault, he agrees with The Oracle's plan to interfere with The Voidbound Cult's sinister machinations. A rescue mission will mean crossing The Ironpeak Mountains and surviving a expedition through Icewraith Expanse.  
I like your perspective. It shows empathy with the strength of resolve.
The Oracle to Marcus.

Dream Believer

Marcus is an ardent believer in The Dreamer Religion. His view of The Cosmos is heavily influenced by his studies of The Dreamstone Codex. To Marcus, Arcaic magic is a gift from The Dreamer herself. He believes that she wrote magic spells for people to learn and use to improve their daily lives.  

Flaws & Challenges

Perfectionism - Marcus's years of study dedicated to mastering Arcaic Magic have made him into a perfectionist. He's often overly critical of himself and sets impossibly high standards for himself. This flaw can strain relationships or cause moments of self-doubt.   Overly Reserved - Marcus's chivalrous and polite nature can sometimes make him seem aloof to others. He makes fast friends by helping others with their problems, but finds it challenging to open up about his own needs for support or friendship. This flaw can lead to loneliness on his journey, even when surrounded by trustworthy friends.   Fear of Letting Go - Marcus's once-promising future has been abruptly shattered and he struggles to let the past go to move forward. Marcus's attachments to his old life and lost love make it challenging for him to embrace his new future or opportunities.   Overprotective - Once Marcus does become close to Ember, his chivalry may go too far. His instincts to protect her hinder Ember's independence.

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