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Tick Tock Duck

Tick Tock Duck is a simple robotic alarm clock, schedule administrator, and professional reminder database. Often given to children to keep them on task and productive, this toy-like electronic device was quite popular among the families living on Lunaris.  
Quack-Quack! It's time for a sippy break! When did you last take a swig? Make a splash and stay hydrated, my feathered friend! Have a quack-tastic day!
— Tick Tock Duck giving a self-care reminder to Kaesta.

Simple Device

Despite the variety of reminders and alarms that Tick Tock Duck offers to users, it is not an artificially intelligent entity. It does not have the ability to learn or make use of data unrelated to its function. The alarm clocks were designed without self-awareness. They were not involved in The Syntax War.  

Gift from Mom

While it is true that Rylan gave Asimov as a gift to Kaesta and the family, it was Althea who gave Tick Tock Duck to her daughter at a young age. Despite the fact that Kaesta could easily replace Tick Tock Duck with a better program stored in the computer banks of The Escapist's Fantasy, Kaesta's heart can't let go of it. One of her earliest memories is fleeing Lunaris with one hand holding Asimov's paw and the other clutching Tick Tock Duck.
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