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The Million Islands Adventures around the Great Ring

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The Million Islands is a setting designed for tabletop roleplaying games, using any system you would like. The main setting is the Great Ring, a group of archipelagos that form a rough circular shape around the strange and perilous Middlesea. The world is driven by the power of story and belief, and these forces influence everything and everyone for good and ill. Characters can be caught up by the narrative forces that shape the world and cast as heroes, villains, or even gods.    The islands provide a structure for episodic adventuring in the vein of the The Odyssey, the stories of Sinbad the Sailor, or Star Trek, but this is not the only kind of game the setting supports. The various regions around the Great Ring are distinct and designed to support a variety of gaming styles - you can indulge in political intrigue, wilderness exploration, treasure hunting, or branch out into the esoteric realm of the Dream for more exotic adventures.   

Where to get started

You can check out Great Ring for a breakdown of the various regions available. You can also look into the Metaphysics of the Million Islands, to get a better idea of how the forces of story influence the lives of the people. If you are ready to start thinking about character, you could look at the species available to play - you'll find them under Sapient Species. The world is constantly being updated and changed, so feel free to follow, if you are so inclined - I hope you all have fun!
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