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Gokrenxia We live in the shadow of the Great War.

61st year of the 2nd Age

A knightcore fantasy from the mind of Koragath.

After nearly a millenium of rule under the oppressive thumb of the haughty Elves, the enslaved races united under the grand ideal of freedom. Eight years of bitter fighting decimated the once great kingdom of the Elves. Lacking the strength to hold sway over the land, even the Elves' powerful magic could not keep them from losing control of nearly everything they once claimed as their own.   Three human generations later, the lands have been carved up amongst the "lesser" races. The numbers of those beyond the long-lived Elves who remember first-hand the atrocities of that great war dwindle. Idealogical differences, territorial and resource disputes have driven wedges between once staunch allies.   Now, a tense peace teeters on the razor's edge of a knife. An escalating cold war between the greatest kingdoms continuously threatens the careful balance of power. In courts across the land, diplomats from every corner of the world wage a war of words for the hearts and minds of the people, while well-placed spies and well-trained armed forces engage in proxy wars attempting to tip the balance of power in their kingdom's favor, all in the name of "the greater good."

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