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The Soulhuts are special buildings, traditionally constructed by the clans of the Uferbrech goblins specifically for pregnancy and childbirth as an integral component of Kingroups and Kithweaving. They are temporary abodes, built for each and every pregnancy, and demolished once the child has reached its 40th moontide.

Purpose / Function

Each soulhut is as much a holy place as it is a place of nurture and care for the parents and the young children they care for.   Sprititually, the Uferbrech goblins believe that the spirits of their dead ancestors are lost due to the breaking of Ashitir, and the only way they can survive is as disembodied ghosts, or as spirits re-incarnated into their young.   The only way this can happen, is through the Soulhut. they are designed to be the utmost in luxury and comfort in order to make the new soul feel welcomed and at home. The Kingroups will often decorate the hoises with objects thought to be precious to their dead ancestors as a way to attract them.
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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