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Order of Salvitas

The Order is devoted primarily to the growing and distribution of foods across the Protectorates. The Order is divided in two, its academic and agrarian arms.   The academics are know as the Cultivars, and are the leaders and teachers of the Order. They hold the political power and control what gets taught and to who. The Cultivars and their clerks decide on the priorities for research, how food is farmed and distributed, who gets employed and the priorites for any other efforts that the Order becomes involved in.   The agrarian arm, known as the Cobswains, is the much larger segment of the Order.. The Cobswains are the widely distributed network of farms, producers, transporters and their many attendants scattered across the lands controlled by the Protectorates. The Cobswains also acts as the largest employer of the common people in the rural areas of the Protectorates and consists primarily of those whose stations in life and the outcomes of their Choosing did not see them accepted into the Ministry, or into the Academy.
Founding Date
During Refuge
Ruling Organization
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