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The expanse of rolling hills that surround the Protectorate capital of New Lafaelle are known as the Frostwards. Snow covers the shadowed side of the hills, in between scattered copses of stunted conifer forests and tundra that can withstand the harsh sleet storms that beset the land. While the climate is harsh, the hills offer just enough protection from the winds for life to survive.   The frostwards are where the Order of Salvitas grow their crops to sustain the people of the city itself. Farming villages made from their greendomes huddle on the sunward sides of the hills and valleys, most of them within a day or two of New Lafaelle itself.   Settlements further afield spring up around the larger of the thermal pools, or where coal and other minerals are found.


The hills of the Frostwards roll gently from the shores of Reverence bay to the where the long shadows of the Brightweld Mountains where they are lost beneath the packed ice and snow there. . While the land remains quite cold from the prevailing winds that come from Shadowside, the sun is everpresent, low on the horizon, but it casts enough warmth to keep the sunward sides of the hills from freezing over.   The constant meltwaters trickle into a maze of lakes, marshes and streams that criss-cross the Frostwards. Many of become dammed with ice, but the replenishment from the melting ensures a slow but eventual flow of waters into the Bay.   The tundra of the Frostwards grows on a large bed of limestone, and the constant moisture from the metlwaters has created extensive cave systems beneath the surface. Withinin these can also be found numerous hot thermal springs that bring up heated water from far below, and indead some of the limestone caves have opening on the surface that are filled with deep warm waters. Theses water caves are often surrounded by steaming bogs, and many creatures call theses lakes and caves home.


The frostwards are very cold, but not inhospitable. The prevailing winds bring regualr sleet storms off the ocean, but the blastng cold is kept at bay by the meager rays from the sun that hangs forever low on the sunward horizon.

Fauna & Flora

The natural tundra of the Frostwards consists of low shrubs, hardy mosses and lichens that grow upon exposed rocks.   The bogs and cave systems contain a myriad of life forms, including schools of freshwater fish and large amphibious predators known as Snowcrocs.

Natural Resources

On the surface, tubers and berries can be found growing naturally. Timber is also sourced from the tight woodlands of conifers that sit in the deeper soils.   The thermal caves contain a variety of food-sources, specifically fish, but also edible weeds and fungus that float in the nutrient-rich waters. The very waters of these cave systems are one of the most utlised resources of the region however, as they are rich in nutrients and used in farming by the Order of Salvitas.   There are many veins of coal threaded through the limestone bedrock of the Frostwards, and there are mines controlled by the Academy on the most abundent of these.
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