The Tempus Accord

The Agreement for mutual cooperation between Novalucca and The Protectorates, signed at the conclusion of the Rebellion of the New Cabal at Kaltstad which the Deepkin helped quell.   While much of the document contains long-winded agreements for the two nations in terms of establishing borders, trade concessions and a military alliance, the most critical element, and where it gets its name, is the formalisation of the Calendar and new Count of Years beginning at Year Zero of the Tempus Accord(TA).  
"The shorter-lived among us don't fully realise but there are those of us who remember how frustrating it was before. You couldn't hold a decent conversation with anyone with all the back and forth trying to work out where who did what fit and when.  The arguments at the docks about when consignments were overdue, and who had what berth booked! And that incident when Lady Kyzen from Deepmot visited, and we all assumed she'd been dead many years. That was awkward indeed!   In this world, where the sun never sets, we all need to know where we are, who was first, and what comes next. Otherwise effect comes before cause, we're all each other's Aunty and no-one'd ever get any sleep."
 - Gert Zholar, Prime Horologist of the College of Tempus, 89TA
    Now, over 100 years later, the TA count of years is becoming the standardised count among most trading nations of the world, especially at Kukutana and across the Shimmerlands. It is also used within the Stoneforged Assembly, and ironically even in the Circle of Malama far to the north where the remnants of the failed rebellion eventually settled.   The Accord was signed at Badenton by the surviving Lord Protectors, including Ackron Der Kustos and the Queen of Deepmot, Nolno Vengassi.   There are two formal copies of the document - one held in the library at New Lafaelle and the other at Deepmot.
Treaty, Diplomatic


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