Lord Protector Ackron Der Kustos

Lord Protector Ackron Der Kustos

Akron Der Kustos was born within Refuge and as a young man fought in the wars against the tribes of Shimmerlands and the Dawncrags, won the siege of Fyrgard that established the borders of the Protectorates, and was awared the title of First Shield. He is an Arkin, one of the rare descendents of those Elderkin who joined the Middlekin and Stoneforged in Refuge.   He has been Lord Protector of the outpost of Omberstad for multiple generations of the shorter-lived folk among the Protectorates - and led the original incursion against the Motu over 100 years ago.   With a long reputation for brutal military tactics, in recent years he has become highly reclusive, barely seen outside the sheltered walls of Omberstad except by his own advisors.  
"You are far from the pampered courts of New Lafaelle now.  Here you are chosen not for those things you desire to achieve or where you think your talents lie, and you will not hear the simpering applause you so crave.  No, here you are chosen for whatever we need in order to survive.  If the tasks I give you are not to your tastes, I care not.  if they break you, then at least you have done your duty to your people, and to me." - Lord Akron De Kustos

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Personal history

Both Akron's parents died during the wars, and he was raised primarily within the military, mentored in battle.  He quickly rose in the ranks to command a small unit of elite soldiers, loyal to him.  Despite the Returned losing the war, Akron and his unit was responsible for holding the pass at Fyrgard against the forces of the Dawncrag goblins, over a siege that lasted months.  His command secured the western borders of the newly formed Protectorates.   The siege was long, and rumours were whispered after the war of Akron's actions - resorting to harsh and underhand tactics against the Goblin tribes, including the use of dark magics, covert assassinations, the brutal treatment of civilians and captives and waging a psychological war of attrition until the Goblins gave up their attack.  Those under his command also reported equally harsh treatment, dark rituals, secrecy and a brutal code of honour amongst his forces.   The vistory earned him the title First Shield of the Protectorates, and after the war, the rumours of his behaviour were overlooked by the leaders of the new Protectorates in appreciation for the outcomes.  At the end of the war Akron made no secret of his desire to be the first Lord Protector of New Lafaelle, his ambition and arrogance had grown, and many among the military supported him.  His callousness, the rumours of his actions and the fanatical loyalty of his soldiers created great discomfort the other lords of the Protectorates - they did not want to see Akron close the the centres of power, fearing his influence - Instead they wanted him at a distance, and to ensure his talents, and those of his follower, could be channeled to better effect.   The islands of Uferbrech  to the south of Reverence Bay had been identified as a source of potential wealth and a strong tactical position to hold the ocean trade routes.   Much against his will, Akron was tasked to found an outpost at Tokaru and secure a suitable port.    As part of his posting, he was given the title of Lord Protector of Tokaru.  On paper this was an equal footing to the Lords of the mainland cities like New Lafaelle and Helton, but in reality, the distance meant he was rarely involved in the discussions and decisions, and the posting proved to be more of an exile.     Never-the-less, Akron channeled his bitter energies into the tasks at hand - seeing his ownership over the new lands as a way to establish his own seat of power - separate from the Protectorates.  He founded the outpost of Omberstad at a deep-water inlet on the eastern side of the island, well protected by the cliffs, and catching the feeble rays of the low sun through the Windwheel Pass sunward.     Akron also set about subduing the Motu Goblin tribes that called Tokaru home - again utlising the harsh tactics that had earned his reputation in the wars.  The Motu were taken by surprise at the swift brutality of the invaders - many were captured and kept as slaves to build the town of Omberstad, while others fled to the the west of the island to regroup.   In less than ten years, Akron had secured the eastern half of the island, with the majority of the Motu having fled to other islands across Uferbrech.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Won the Siege of Fyrgard and was awarded the title First Shield of the Protectorates.


Annika Lux

Adversary (Important)

Towards Lord Protector Ackron Der Kustos



Lord Protector Ackron Der Kustos

Adversary (Important)

Towards Annika Lux




The conflict between Lord Akron and Annika it has intensified in recent years.  While publicly thankful for Annika's contributions to town through the Steam House, Akron sees it as a soft-touch that will make them weaker against their enemies.  He resents her growing influence and easy popularity, and thinks she carries a dangerous naivety.  Meanwhile, Annika detests Akron's cruel and autocratic rule, and his crimes against the Motu.

Aging Lord of the town

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2721 AD 270 Years old
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Pale white
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