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Ravac, the Nibbler

(a.k.a. Nibbler)

Ravac is a goblinkin and begger who works the beaches and bars at Camp Thrifty, spying on all and sundry and selling the truths or rumours he gleans for coin or favours. He puts on an unassuming front, meek and subservient to all, and most treat hime at best as a useful amusement. Many will mock him openly, or even aggressively push him around for sport. His nickname, Nibbler, is used by many as a form of derision - indicating he 'has no bite' and is weak or foolish as a result.   This condescension is secretly encouraged by Ravac himself as it fosters an environment where most dismiss and overlook him, allowing him to observe and spy on the comings and goings of others with much ease. Ravac himself came up with the nickname 'Nibbler' and seed it into conversations until drunken sailors thought they had come up with it themselves.   Some of the secrets he has gleaned has enabled very lucrative bribery and blackmail opportunities. This even includes even the founder of Camp Thrifty, Argenti Mirantor herself. He tells no-one of what it he has over her, but it explains why many of his actions that skirt the traditions of the Camp go un-investigated by The Dealrunners.   Ravac can most regularly be found lurking in The Skull and Duggery, listening in, or making furtive deals of his own.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ravac is of the second generation since the invasion of Tokaru. He was born in exile within Camp Thrifty, and was not brought up into the traditions of his people.  

Tooth of the Devourer

During his younger years, Ravac was a far more daring theif than now, and had spent time raiding the mines that had been abandoned by the Tokari. He would regualrly run afoul of the Protectorate forces who were also exploring these for the many riches in gems and rare metals that could be found within them.   It was a fateful event when raiding mining deposits left unattended by the Protectorates in the newly re-opened Mines of Koigua that transformed Ravac's life. he was discovered by Protectorate troops within the store, and chased deeper and deeper into the mine to escape them. They followed, and finally he was cornered. They were about to kill the terrified Ravac, when he was aided by an ancient sentience that their presence had stirred somehow.   Ravac was imbued with magic power from this presence, and through it was able to utterly destroy his pursuers.   This event saw Ravnac pledge his loyalty to the entity that had saved him. It called itself the Tooth of the Devourer, and demanded that Ravnac take up his worship, find others to convert and in return it promised riches and power beyound Ravnac's wildest dreams.  

A secret cult leader

Since then, Ravnac the Nibbler has slowly found others and convinced, or threatened them, to pledge allegience to his new God. The cult is still very small, but has found followers across Camp Thrifty and Uferbrech. Ravnac has found other like him, also in service, and slowly the groups are learning the true purpose of their master - which is to dominate others to its will.   Ravnac's cover as Gossip-for-coin in Camp Thrifty sees none being with wiser to his true motives, and everytime someone larger than he pours scorn or ridicule upon him, the Nibbler quietly marks up scores to be settled for the Devourer.


Ravac earns his coin by trading in secrets - the sharing of them, or the keeping of them. He uses a variety of techniques, but most is through overheard covnersations in the taverns or other meeting places at Camp Thrifty. He has never been discovered, but it has been reumoured that he is able to pass undetected across the waterways of the Spindrift and The Tethers to spy upon the clandestine meetings of ship crews, or even break into the ships to peruse manifests. None have been able to catch him in the act, and many profit from his actions, so he remains unmolested by the Dealrunners.
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Messy, dirty, possibly black underneath the grime
Short for even a goblin at just over 4"
Very skinny
Aligned Organization

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