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Heroes of Denema

The Heroes of Denema was a small group of sorcerers led by Necromancer Valan Eromin in a last-ditch effort against the Demons in Denema 24. While the Heroes were able to summon and sustain an army of tens of thousands, the original group consisted of three besides Valan: Fallis Valadian, Makis Krezor, and Kio Guku, with Altor Sylhallis declared a member posthumously.


The Heroes had fought together in many battles, but only in the Battle of Vengeance did they fight under the banner of Heroes.  


Valan had experience in every battle between the Battle of Yna and Battle of Vengeance, losing their best friend and nearly their own life in Massacre at Hell's Breach. They summoned and maintained the spirits of thousands of fallen soldiers for the entire duration of the Battle of Vengeance, bolstering the dwindling Estyan numbers and giving them a fighting chance against the demons.   Fallis first battle of note was in Battle of Disciple's Drop, where she was betrayed and nearly executed by a supposed ally, but her life was spared by who would become a future friend. Her Light Magic proved itself a valuable asset in the defeat of the demons as it served to permenantly finish off any wounded demons.   Makis' first battle was a nameless on around thirty years before Disciple's Drop, but he grew and became a valuable leader and strategist for the Darkforge and, finally, for the Heroes, before laying his sword to rest and retiring after the demons' defeat. He acted as adoptive parent to Valan and taught them what they knew about magic and battle strategy, allowing them to quickly climb the ranks and begin challening the nobility who were content to send soldiers to die.   Kio didn't fight on the front lines, instead ran through hell and arrow-fire to try and save the wounded. Using dark magic to heal them, however, left him with enough battle scars to be mistaken as a warrior himself. He served as an unofficial parent to Valan alongside Makis, and was the last to speak to them before their final death.   Altor was best friend to Fallis and Valan, and though he lost his life at the Massacre of Hell's Breach, Valan's magic enabled him to fight alongside Fallis to finally end the demon threat. While his magic was weak, his swordsmanship was sharp, and he stood back-to-back with Fallis, wounding the demons and letting her light magic finish them off.


The Heroes broke down many barriers between factions and cultures as the combined force of Ebonblade and Darkforge, Light Magic and Dark Magic, and the looming threat of exinction, were enough to convince the remaining Estyans that they must work together. Makis and Kio were from the Darkforge, Fallis the Ebonblade, Altor from Hell's Breach, and Valan from the Shadi Order and Silver Sands.



The Heroes consisted of five members: Valan Eromin, Fallis Valadian, Altor Sylhallis, Makis Kerzor, and Kio Guku, though Altor was a member posthumously, as his death in the Massacre at Hell's Breach forced him into joining the final fight as a spirit. He became a member of the Heroes at the request of Fallis, who wished her honor the friends she had lost to the demons.
Without him, we'd be nothing but blood and ash.
— Fallis Valadian


The four living Heroes wore armor made of Silver Glass that was fashioned by the few surviving Silverglaziers in Estya. Their weapons were primarily magic; Valan used their necromancy, Fallis her light magic, and Kio his dark magic, whilst Makis and Altor used their swords, though Altor's was bolstered by Valan's summoning magic.


The Heroes relied upon a unique ranged weapon in the form of manipulating Valan's necromancy. Because the spirits could not die again, they could be borderline catapulted over the demons to attack from the rear, catching the demons in a pincer. Demons that took flight in attempts to break Valan's concentration and thus beak the spell maintaining the spirits, were quickly shot down by nearby sorcerers and archers shooting enchanted arrows of light magic.   Because Valan was also able to control the movement of the spirits, they themself also slingshotted spirits across the battlefield when reinforcements were needed elsewhere. It allowed for rapid movement of troops, and at one point they effectively formed a wall of the dead to protect themself from an incoming attack.
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