Shadi Order

"I heard the Supreme is dead, so who do I have the honor of competing against for the right to rule the most powerful guild in all of Estya?"
"'Dead'? Oh no. No. Not 'dead'. Well, yes, dead. Temporarily. But I believe the word you are actually looking for is 'Immortal'."
"Am I?"
- Combatants during the Aljexin Trials

The Shadi Order is the most powerful and widespread faction in all of Estya, with Agents in every city, every corner of the world. Originally founded by a collection of mercenaries, thieves, and assassins fleeing the Folatia Empire hundreds of years ago, the Order has since grown and evolved.   Comprised of the most comprehensive spy network in the world, nothing of note happens in Estya without an Agent hearing of it. Information makes it as high up as necessary for a decision to be made on whether it should be investigated or a contract should be listed for it.   The flow of information among the Shadi network typically follows the following trajectory.
  1. A civilian within the Shadi's network notices something they deem noteworthy
  2. The Agent decides whether it needs addressing
  3. If action needs to be taken, or a second opinion is desired, the Agent will report the problem via raven to a Watchman
  4. The Watchman will give the Agent orders and send a correspondence back to Shadowlight Hold detailing the incident and methods taken
  5. The Messenger of the Supreme recieves the correspondance and either forwards it to the Shadi Supreme or the relevant Supreme Council member
    • Recent Shadi Supremes have quietly had every message that reaches the Council be detailed in a report compiled by the Messenger. This has allowed Supremes to remain away from Shadowlight Hold for extended periods of time while still knowing when their presence is needed.
Shadi Emblem by Ynix
Current Supreme
Valan Eromin
Cities + Territory
Shadowlight Hold
South Ramana Wood
Notable Informants
Kio Guku
Altor Sylhallis
Makis Krezor
Notable Targets + Rewards
Argusi Mytrian, 70.000gp
Dathol Krezor, 40.000gp
Valan Eromin, 250.000gp

"If you're going to kill me, at least take my badge and collect the bounty on my head. Donate it to Altor's family."
- Valan Eromin, regarding the reward

Shadowlight Hold by Ynix via Artbreeder


(In)Complete Trust

Each member of the Shadi Order must be able to trust that the others are being honest and forthcoming with them, else the entire system falls apart. The threat of a traitor in their midst, however, does not outweigh the severe consequences of accusing an innocent of treachery.  

Complete Council

Each member of the Supreme Council is appointed by the Shadi Supreme themself, and each memeber keeps careful control of their specialty.

Supreme Spy

While they do have a Supreme Council and their Messenger to support them, the head of the Shadi Order, the Shadi Supreme, ultimately answers to no one.

Abundant Agents

The Agents of the Order come from all backgrounds, and possess a variety of skills, but all are expertly trained in espionage, stealth, and manipulation.
All art made by Ynix; Rank Emblems made via Amoria, Shadowlight Hold art made via Artbreeder

Character flag image: Shadi Emblem by Ynix


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