Shadi Supreme

Should have the misfortune of meeting the Shadi Supreme, you'd do well to pray that they think of you only as the insect you are.
— Ebonblade Soldier


The Supreme must demoonstrate that they


The Shadi Supreme must be an active Shadi Order agent or ambassador, and must be the victor in the most recent Aljexin Trials.


The Shadi Supreme commands the largest faction and intelligence in Estya, and

Accoutrements & Equipment

There is a special insignia that denotes someone as the Shadi Supreme. It bears stark similarities to the standard Shadi insignia of a blade through a raven, however the Supreme's insignia is infused with magic that heightens their senses and is said to give them a few seconds of foresight. Because the Supreme travels without an escort, it is designed to give the Supreme a few extra seconds to react to an assault or attempt on their life, which has spared many Supremes from a quick and shameful death.   This insignia is barred from use during the Aljexin Trials.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Shadi Supreme is rarely removed, and it is primarily through hostile takeover. The most common form of removal is assassination by a fellow Shadi agent, who must immediately declare a new Aljexin Trial to prove their worth as the new Shadi Supreme. If a new Trial is not declared, the assassin is declared a traitor by the previous Supreme's Council and they are immediately executed for such. The council will then declare a new Trial and aspiring Shadi agents will once again fight for the rank of Supreme.   The formal method of removing an acting Shadi Supreme is by challenging their ability to protect the Shadi Order and challenging them to an Aljexin Trial in order to fight for the title of Supreme.

Cultural Significance

Few in the world know the Supreme on sight. They do well to keep their presence understated and quiet, much like the way the greatest of them lead. Those that do manage to glimpse the glittering insignia know better than to pay deference to them. Such is a quick way to lose your head.
Civic, Political
Form of Address
Equates to
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Until death or loss in Aljexin Trials
Current Holders
Related Organizations

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