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Altor Sylhallis (al-TOR sill-HAH-lihs)

Altor Sylhallis

Altor is a Darkforge fighter whose weapon of choice is the longsword, and was posthumously named a Hero of Denema for giving his life saving who he could at the Massacre at Hell's Breach.   Altor keeps his personal history hidden from even his closest friends, though he knows Valan Eromin is capable of uncovering it if they simply gave the order. While he knows they would be the last person to judge him for his Blood Number, he isn't sure he himself is ready to admit to himself that his number could get him killed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Opting to keep his past and motivations a secret, Altor enlisted in the Darkforge army when he was just seventeen, having lied about his age. During training, he was introduced to who would later become his commanding officer and friend, Makis Krezor for melee weapons training, and, to his surprise, a Shadi by the name of Vala Eromin for ranged weapons training.   Once his training was complete, and after he discovered a love of and skill with the longsword, he travelled across Estya, from battlefield to battlefield, before finally being stationed in Diasi when he was twenty-five to await further orders.   Makis joined him about six months later, having been demoted to a commander for reasons he never specified, though Altor suspected the demotion was intentional. He also reunited with Vala briefly in Diasi, though the two did not have time to catch up before she left again.


Closeted homosexual

Morality & Philosophy

Altor is proud to call the City of Flame his home, however he is not unaware of the disappearing tourists.   While he generally wants to do good things and be a good person, he is not above turning to darker and shadier methods in order to ensure something is done when the proper authorities fail. He has anonymously submitted several contracts, with large amounts of his savings as rewards, in hopes of someone taking a look into the missing tourists, even if it seems the Overseer, Argusi Mytrian will not.   He has been offered a position as a civilian Shadi Order agent, but has repeatedly declined on the grounds that, should his superiors within the Darkforge discover this, he will be executed, no matter what sort of protection the Shadi may promise him.

Personality Characteristics


Altor is largely motivated by a desire to make the world a better place, and he openly supports the Shadi Order's efforts to undermine and end the war.

Likes & Dislikes

Altor keeps a passion project on the side for the rare moments when the fighting ceases. Training himself to become a blacksmith, in hoping of retiring from the war someday and becoming a Pulinor Smith.   He has made friends with the smiths of Diasi and can often be seen watching them work, quietly studying their technique and mentally taking notes while they work. Sometimes they will explain something to him, under the guise of being happy someone is finally taking interest in where their equipment comes from.


Contacts & Relations

Altor is best known through his friends and allies - he is best friends with Valan Eromin, and close friends with Fallis Valadian, as well as being a surrogate son to Makis Krezor and Kio Guku.

Family Ties

Altor in unable to keep in contact with his family, but he would like to. Since leaving to join the war, he has has seen or heard little from his parents, though the nature of the constantly shifting front lines can make him difficult to reach by all but the most persistent Shadi agent.

Religious Views

Altor has opted against organized religion due to the world state, and chooses not to worship any gods, but rather the sun, moon, and stars. He acknowledges that certain gods seem to be real, as his friend, a powerful Disciple, has been gifted magic that appears divine in nature.   However, he has chosen to refrain from following any similar paths, himself.  
"A truly benevolent God would've ended this war long before the Battle of Yna. We would not be left to suffer for a hubris that is not our own.
— Altor Sylhallis


Despite spending most of his life away from home, Altor has retained his vocal fry and deep pitch often associated with the men of Hell's Breach.

Wealth & Financial state

Altor has little wealth to his name, he keeps what he needs to maintain his equipment, and refuses any offers of generosity from his better-off friends. He sends most of his income to his family in Hell's Breach, so they can live a comfortable life outside of the war.
Blood Number:
Alhari Score:
Current Location
Date of Birth
4.9 Menarn 239
Date of Death
10.9 Denema 5
1205 1240 35 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed in Massacre at Hell's Breach
Current Residence
Bright Red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale greyish-yellow
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Native: Noxis
Fluent: Argentine
Proficient: Silvin

Character Portrait image: Altor Sylhallis by Ynix


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