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Disciple Order

The Disciple Order is a major religion in Estya that has had an established presence for thousands of years as they continue to acquire and swear in new memebers. The Disciples are also the longest-living mortal Estyans known, with the Divine having recently celebrated her 112th birthday.


The original Disciples (originally called the "Disciples of Nadyn") found their faith before recorded history, sometime in the late Laohis era. One dozen people were all miraculously resurrected from the dead at the asme moment, claiming to have met a diety by the name of Nadyn and were tasks with spreading Her message across Estya. While not all believe those resurrected met a Goddess, all twelve rejoined the world at the same moment, with the same message, and a new sect of magic.   The Disciples, as they began calling themselves, began travelling the world in an attempt to spread Nadyn's message of a higher power that loved and cherished Estyans for all of their mistakes and flaws-- a drastic departure from the common beliefs that Estyans were inherenetly evil and must fight to overcome that.   The first Disciples utilized the new magic they had been given-- that which behaved like Light Magic but instead drew on the wielder's faith in Nadyn instead of their well of magic, making so the only true limitation on how much magic that could be used at once was the caster's own physical stamina; something much more easily improved upon compared to their Well of Magic.   This magic served as a major lure for many Estyans, and an increasing number of people began taking the Oath of Nadyn to follow Her tenants, and as such, the number of Disciples around the world-- and subsequently, the number of people who possessed Nadyn's magic-- grew substantially, to almost 20,000 practicing memebers.
Founding Date
1.1 Analar 0
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Disciples, The Disciples of Nadyn
Successor Organization
Leader Title
Government System

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