Folatia Empire (Foh-LAH-shah)

The Folatia Empire was formed from the splintered remains of the Disciple Order, by the zealots that executed the original twelve Disciple founders. It nearly succeeded in conquering Estya in its entirety, and lasted nearly 350 years.   However, with the fall of their most valuable asset in the Battle of Yna, it quickly collapsed under its own weight and hubris.  


The Folatia Empire went down in history as one of, if not the most aggressive faction to have ever risen within Estya.  

Free Regions of Estya

During the Time of the Folatia Era, these regions had not yet joined forces to repel invaders. The Silver Sands and Steel Cliffs were joined with Disciple's Drop in their efforts to repel the Folatians, however they were unable to keep the forces from their borders.  

Silver Sands Surrender

The Silver Sands quickly surrundered to the Empire, in a successful effort to prefect bloodshed on their land. And, seeing the Folatia permit the Silver Sands to retain their sutonomy, Disciple's Drop and the Steel Cliffs were quick to follow their lead.  


Unlike their counterparts that would later form the Free Regions of Estya, the Arborlich were steadfast in their resistence of the Empire's influence. Their already unique fighting style of geurilla warfare, coupled with adaptations they'd made to counter the Empire's new access to Silver Glass and Pulinor Steel, proved to be their greatest strength.   The Arborlich prides themselves on having repelled the Folatia Empire long enough for it to collapse under its own weight following the Battle of Yna.  

About the Folatia

Public Agenda

The Folatia had a very public agenda of total global domination. They sought to unite Estya under one banner, believing theirs to be the best for attaining true peace after the fracture and infighting among The Disciple Order.


The Folatia Empire began as a small faction of the The Disciple Order that splintered and executed the original Disciples, They were stripped of their magic-- how this happened is still up for debate-- and, in an effort to retain what little influence remained, they fled the Valley of the Night. They set up a base camp not far from the edge of the Ramana Wood, where modern-day Diasi resides,   With a base of operations established, the Folatia began rapidly recruiting soldiers and artisans to join their cause, and, once they had reached an force of approximately five thousand strong, they began to conquer new territory by force. The dictators and their councils were careful to ensure their families remained in power and continued the conquest until Estya was entirely under the Folatia banner.


The Battle of Yna saw the death of Valan Eromin, whose magic the Folatia had begun to rely on. Without their aid, and few survivors from the battle, their enemies began the ground they had lost.   The quick reversal of their luck and Valan's death saw the leadership fracture, divided between some arguing they didn't need Valan to win the war and others arguing that the sorcerer had done more for the Folatia than anyone else. This schism would later widen, and the two groups would form the Ebonblade and the Darkforge, respectively.

Folatia 0 - Folatia 348

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