The Arborlich is a collection of Ramanish tribes with a deep connection to Estya and a long history as individual tribes and as a collective. They united when the Disciple Order fractured and the Folatia Empire was formed. Initially seeking allies in the new faction, they were met with a quick rebuttal and the Empire announced their intent to take over Estya as a whole.  

Ancient Histories, Ancient Enemies

  The Ramanish tribes saw the Folatia Empire as a threat to their way of life, and the threat saw them banding together to form the Arborlich Alliance. They also allowed the fledgling organization, the Shadi Order, to settle within the southern Ramana Wood, a decision that led the Folatia to declare war.   With the spies and mercenaries to their south feeding them information about the Folatia's movements, the Arborlich were able to carefully evade their soldiers, adopting geurilla tactics to drive the soldiers from the forest. To this day, they hold a great deal of pride for being the only faction to sucessfully repel a coordinated attack by the Folatia.

Modern Isolation

The Arborlich has remained largely untouched by the ongoing war between the Ebonblade and Darkforge, and they have maintained a strict isolationist policy from the rest of the wider world.   The only exception to this policy is their agreements with the Shadi Order that date back to the Folatia Era, allowing the Order to set up a base of operations within the southern Ramana Wood in exchange for the Shadi keeping them privvy to the information they gather.

Long-Lasting Alliances

The Arborlich, having long backed the Disciple Order and publicly pledging their support for the original Disciples of Nadyn during the fracture, maintains close ties to the Divine Council. They are also quick to welcome Disciple visitors to their territory, though they are wary of strangers otherwise.


The Arborlich, being made up of several individual tribes, has no one, clearly defined ruler. Instead, the leaders of the tribes convene when major decisions need to be made on behalf of the alliance. This results in the alliance being slow to make sweeping decisions, and with multiple Shadi Agents also commonly attending, the meetings can take time to convene.
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Analar 95
Alliance, Generic
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