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Free Regions of Estya

The Free Regions of Estya is an unofficial merchant alliance between the Silver Sands, Hell's Breach, and the Steel Cliffs, as a means of allowing free trade of resources and culture, as well as a shared currency. The alliance also unofficially includes the Shadi Order.   The alliance was named not only for the free trade between the regions, but also as a way to express their freedom from the war, and the influence of both the Ebonblade and Darkforge.   The Free Regions is less of an organization with any authority on its own, but instead serves to unite the handful of regions that remain unaffected by the war, as well as holding them accountable if one wishes to enter the war. It is strictly agreed upon that the regions will only enter the war if one of them is attacked.   This pact came into effect after the Battle of Blood saw the Silver Sands invaded and their homes desecrated, with both the Steel Cliffs and Hell's Breach officially declaring war against every faction that played a role in desecrating the sacred land.

Foreign Relations

The Free Regions of Estya keep the major factions at arm's length, with the notable exception of the Shadi Order, who feeds them information about military movements and possible threats to their borders and way of life.
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