Scholia Luna (sk-OH-lee-ah LOO-nah)

The Scholia Luna is named after Estya's sole moon, Luna. It is an institution focused primarily on the protection and education of Dark Sorcerers, and providing them with the resources and materials they need to not only control their magic, but also to navigate a world that would see them eliminated.   Located in the Arc of Ynix, the Scholia Luna is a member of the Free Regions of Estya, and primarily teaches a version of history centered around the benevolance of the Mothers of Magic and specifically the Mother of Dark Magic, Ynix.  

Shadi Partners

Their historical records also depict a gruesome and unsanitized version of the systemic persecution and hunting of Dark Sorcerers, and they keep a team of scholars within the primary university, partnered with the Shadi Order to receive the most comprehensive reports of the horrors faced by Dark Sorcerers across Estya. This includes the Scholia maintaining the only record of the execution of the Shadi Supreme by the Ebonblade, who erased all trace of the event happening in an effort to spare an unwinnable war.   The Scholia Luna's partnership with the Shadi Order also involves Shadi Agents smuggling the most at-risk dark sorcerers out of hostile territory and directing them towards the university for protection.  

The Light of Luna

The founders of the Scholia Luna chose the name because of the distinct connection to Luna that dark magic possesses, with dark sorcerers being prone to having birthdays during months with longer nights and some of the most powerful dark sorcerers having been born at midnight. They also chose the name because of the common association with Luna and darkness or night, despite Luna's light providing travelers and soldiers the ability to see and navigate, refusing to leave them to the compelte mercy of the Estyan wilderness.   It is something viewed as inherently dark, despite being invaluable to the safety of Estyans.
Educational, University
Parent Organization

Character flag image: by Ynix via Armoria


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