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Stilan (STEEL-ahn)

Stilans are known across Estya for being one of the few people with electricity, harnessed through the lightning that routinely strikes the Steel City of Voxis.  

Power of Lightning

Stilans power their entire society on the lightning that strikes their city every few days. With a city and society built from various forms of steel, they have managed to build their electrical grid into the   With structures built primarily from high-carbon steel and the electricity channeled through low-carbon steel, Stilans have managed to redirect and control the flow of electricity and channel it into artificial light and heat. While they are aware of the existence of and would prefer to use stainless steel, the lack of abundance of chromium and raw iron necessary.   Instead of manufacturing stainless steel, they have instead invented their own form of Waterproofing that has allowed their city to endure despite the wear the cliffs experience from the moist coastal air.   Their clothing is also woven with steel fibres, acting as a crude faraday cage, including their shoes, so even if they do get struck by the stray bolt that dodges the city itself, it is directed around their body and into the electrical grid.  

Storage Secrets

Unfortunately, the Stilans have yet to crack the secret to batteries, so they keep the electrical grid in a loop that is continuously rerouting and redirecting the energy it has stored when it isn't being used. This leaves the grid unstable at times when there are prolongued gaps between electrical storms.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Eleckuc : "EE-leck-uh-k" : "Lightning"
Fumb : "Fun-th-ER: : "Thunder"

Masculine names

Skel : "st-EE-l" : "Steel"
Crl : "k-AH-l" : "Coal"
Crxf : "k-AH-th" : "Carbon"


Major language groups and dialects

Stilans speak a combination of Stihl and Orbin, however their writing exclusively utilizes the Stihl alphabet, a rough alphabet that can be scratched into thin plates of metal without much difficulty.

The Steel Cliffs flag is simple and stresses their reliance on lightning.
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