Pulinor Steel

Pulinor Steel is a pulinor alloy made from pulinor ore and coal. While not very strong on its own, the alloy is capable of creating cables and base plates that can support the entire city of Argenburge.   Most Pulinor Steel is kept in museums or sent to geologists across Estya for examination, as no one can mine the ore without the consent of Argenburge's Overseer, Argusi Mytrian.   The inherent magical properties of pulinor ore allow items made from it to be inbuded with stronger enchantments before the item will break, though requests for creations for this purpose are few and far between as the number of sufficiently powerful enchanters has dwindled.


Geology & Geography

Pulinor ore is exclusively found in the trenches of Hell's Breach, typically between fifty and one hundred fifty meters above the lava below. Harvesting it is dangerous work, and few Gehenni want to do it.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Pulinor Steel is most commonly used in armor and weaponry for its light weight and immense strength, however it because of its obscenely high melting point, it is also used in the construction of Argenburge, or the City of Flame.


Pulinor Ore is mined and then melted down in the forges of Argenburge, where magic has helped boost the temperatures to over 5000°F (2760°C).

Manufacturing & Products

Once the ore is smelted into steel, it is often poured into ingots and sold to the highest bidder or stored for the city's next construction project, though skilled Pulinor Smiths can take those ingots, re-melt them without degrading the quality, and fashion special weaponry, armor, and tools that are capable of holding stronger enchantments.
sour, metallic
Melting / Freezing Point
3500°F (1926°C)
Common State
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