Valan Eromin

Lady Valan Eromin (a.k.a. Vala)

Valan was born a minor noble of Niyannix as a powerful Light Sorceress, and serves as the Shadi Supreme and Ambassador of the Shadi Order, on top of her work in the Disciple Order. At only 23 when she first died in the Battle of Yna, Valan has since devoted her life to not only understanding and harnessing her new Dark Magic, but in pushing it to its limits in the name of saving Estya from the coming demons.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Valan stands on the higher end of in terms of the average Estyan's height, at an even six feet tall. She is deceptively strong through the use of her magic, able to single-handedly lift multiple times her body weight.

Body Features

Valan possesses a Disciple Chevron running from the nape of her neck, down her spine, and ending at her hips, marking her one-and-a-half centuries of service to the Order. She has scars littering her body as a whole, but the most prominent are seven silver scars crisscrossing her throat from assassination attempts.

Identifying Characteristics

There is heavy scarring across her body, with seven individual slits across her neck from previous attempts on her life. She also possesses a Disciple Chevron running along her spine, along with thick, ropy scars on her chest and back from being impaled at the Battle of Yna. Unlike other Silvins, Valan's head is completely shaved, indicating her continuous dedication to fighting in the name of the Disciples.

Physical quirks

Valan has a natural habit of fidgeting that she has suppressed over the years of diplomatic and Shadi training, as fidgeting is largely seen as a sign of nervousness or weakness. Valan's fidgeting, however, often manifests as her idly fiddling with one of her knives, which her position of power in Estya allows her to appear imposing instead, as if she has other matters to worry about more.

Special abilities

Valan was born with access to Light Magic, but after her death in the Battle of Yna, her Blood Number was inverted and she lost that power in exchange for Dark Magic. She also channels Entropy Magic and Disciple Magic.
Valan primarily makes use of her Dark Magic, though she saves her Disciple Magic for what she considers to be "unholy" foes, such as Demons. Her Entropy Magic is saved as a last-resort, lest her control slip and someone else suffers the consequences.

Apparel & Accessories

As a powerful Disciple, Valan keeps her head covered at all times, the only exceptions being during prayer or when she is utilizing her Disciple Magic. Day-to-day, Valan wears a hood with her cloak to help obscure her identity, and beneath that, she wears an Ath'yk to ensure her head is covered.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Valan Eromin was born in the late Folatia Era, as a daughter of the Eromin family. Born at noon on the Light-Rise Solstice in the Silver Sands, she was gifted with powerful Light Magic. As a child, she was approached by an agent of the Shadi Order, telling her of the potential dangers to her family one of her power might pose to them.
Blood Number
Alhari Score
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
1st of Light-Sun Folatia 321
Circumstances of Birth
Noon during the Light-Rise Solstice
Silver Sands
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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