A World of Extremes

Writing and Maps by Alex Scar
Estya is a world much smaller than our own, but hosts a diverse array of extremes throughout. Be they the densely populated cities of millions tucked against vast, sprawling fields of green with only a single village of twelve to break the landscape, or the freezing glaciers of Disciple's Drop with temperatures dropping to -100° nights in the winter, to the 125° days of the Silver Sands. It is a world fractured since recorded history and splintered by near-perpetual war. Lakes stained red with blood sit beside immaculate white-topped cliffs and flourishing forests, and a desert dyed silver by moonlight and drenched in mythology curls up beside a burning chasm of Hell steeped in history.  


Estya has two suns, though only one is noticeable in the sky beyond a white speck and demonstrates any noticeable effect on the world. It orbits its most distant star once every 468 days, however the star itself is dim and cold, and a large portion of Estyans don't realize the star exists, so it has gone unnamed for thousands of years. Estya's warmth and light instead from its closest star, Solii. By night, Estya is lit by its moon Luna, and its ties to Dark Magic and a few distinct cultural traditions and religions have sprung up around Luna's light.    


Solii is Estya's closest star, which provides Estya with the light and warmth necessary for life. Because of this, many Estyans have associated it with either the Mother of Light, Niyanna in the Free Regions of Estya, located to the West, or the Father of Light, Solix in many conquered territories. It's shown to have strong ties to Light Magic and many children born during the daytime possess light magic, even if it is weak.  


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  Estya itself boasts a wide range of geography, consisting of the coiling mountain ranges that host the rival schools of the Scholia Solii and Scholia Luna, the lust forests and taigas the Arborlich call home, the gaping scar in the world known as the Free Region of Hell's Breach, the vast desert blessed by divine both light and dark of the Free Region of Silver Sands, along many others.  


  Temperatures across the world range from -100° nights across sheets of ice near the poles or -20° in the mountains in colder parts of the world, while the hottest parts of Estya routinely reach 120° days in the deserts and cities suspended over magma peaking at 500° on occasion. Most of Estya is considerably more mild, though. On average, temperatures range from 0° during colder winters and reaching close to 80° in the summers.   While it may be expected that Estyans choose to cling to these milder patches, Estyans can be found all over the world, and many make their homes in the harshest and most inhospitable climates. Large settlements exist in all three of the most extreme areas of Estya: the Silver Sands, Disciple's Drop, and Hell's Breach.  

Regions in Estya


Controlled Territories

  • Disciple's Drop
Other Factions
  • Arc of Alhari - The Scholia Solii
  • Arc of Ynix - The Scholia Luna
  • Cliffs of Steel - The Steelhemd
  • Ramana Wood - The Arborlich

Free Regions of Estya

  • Silver Sands
  • Hell's Breach


The world of Estya has many of the ores and materials common on Earth, such as iron and wood, but only Estya home to a few unique natural resources of its own.  

Pulinor Steel

Within the walls of Hell's Breach one can find Pulinor ore, however it is most common only a few dozen feet from the magma at the base of the ravine. It serves as the primary export from Hell's Breach, however the dangers of mining it have made it incredibly expensive as finding laborers willing to risk their lives remains a continuous problem for the region.  

Silver Glass

Silver Glass is a type of glass created from the silver grains of sand that blanket the Silver Sands by night. It is almost completely transparent, stronger than steel plate, but as flexible as leather. Because the Silverglaziers that create Silver Glass must either hire skilled Enchanters, be skilled enchanters themselves, or craft entire pieces in a single night, Silver Glass is incredible expensive. However, there is enough demand that Niyannix's entire culture and society have rose around this singular export.  

Variant: Blood Glass

Blood Glass is a variant of Silver Glass only created after the Battle of Blood and resulting curse cast upon the Silver Glass. Blood Glass is made with the shimmering red grains of sand, once silver, and when melted and cooled, has a slight ruby glitter to it. It is extremely fragile, even for glass, however its macabre beauty has allowed the once-unemployed @Silver to learn to work with this new material and become Bloodsmiths.

Cover image: by Ynix


Author's Notes

The author is aware that astronomy and geography work much differently in our universe. However, creative liberties have been taken within the fictional world of Estya. Thank you!

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